We are always looking for hands-on women who would like to support our team. Please send us a message if you have an idea about how you can volunteer and support us, to info@iwng.nl with the subject ” Open vacancy“.

At this moment we are especially looking for people who:

  • are interested to host cooking/networking workshops. You will give a workshop where you teach about your home country’s specialties. Every month, another member will host the event so we are looking for approximately 10 people.
  • can write a blog series for our website. We are looking for people from different backgrounds/work fields. When applying for this vacancy, please send us a recent article you have written.
  • are interested to host a Create & Collaborate event. You will share your knowledge regarding a DIY project.
  • want to be a speaker during one of our workshops. Please let us know your expertise and experience in presenting.
  • is interested to be a co-host for the monthly dinners. When the main host is not available, you will take over.

Please fill in the form below to let us know your interest in one of the listed vacancies and we will get in touch! (by filling in this form you agree to our privacy policy)

We would like to get to know you and hear about your ideas.