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Podcasting is becoming one of the most popular digital entertainment mediums out there. But they can also be valuable tools for learning. For the on-the-go entrepreneur, learning through podcasts can be a flexible and fun way to gain some extra business know-how. Whether you’re looking for casual conversations for relaxing in the bath, or up-beat motivational stories for your morning jog, this list of the 5 Top Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs will have you covered.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfiel‪d

Whether we like it or not, the past year has forced many businesses to confront the world of online marketing. With so many options out there, building an online presence can seem a daunting task. Amy Porterfield helps her listeners overcome this challenge. Her podcast gives clear, concise advice on topics such as social media advertising and writing engaging copy. Episodes are bit-sized and full of concrete tips and tricks to help take your business to the next level.

Goal Digger: The Podcast

Jenna Kutcher is a digital marketing expert. Goal Digger contains high energy, tip-a-minute ‘mini-trainings’ on all things digital marketing. Jenna is a powerhouse of entrepreneurial zest and her style of podcasting may not be for everyone. Yet her self-made online success is nothing if not inspiring. Jenna’s enthusiasm for all things online marketing will certainly have you rethinking your business’ Instagram presence. If its slap-you-in-the-face positive entrepreneurial vibes you’re after, give Goal Digger a go.

Goal Digger: The Podcast with Jenna Kutcher
Goal Digger: The Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

She Did it Her Way

Having swapped a top job in corporate America in for life as a freelancer, Amanda Boleyn knows what its like to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. She Did It Her Way is a practical guide to taking the leap, full of concrete tips on how to ditch that 9-5 job. Like the woman herself, Amanda’s podcasting style is sleek and professional. Her interviews tell genuine stories about the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life. Lost for where to start? Try Amanda’s Start From Scratch Challenge, a series of five episodes with advice on the initial steps of starting a business.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Motivational stories and inspirational quotes can only take you so far. Sometimes we need bringing back down to earth with some straight talk. Elizabeth Gannon—author of the bestselling business coaching book The Multi-Hyphen Method—brings us Ctrl Alt Delete. The podcast blends work and life seamlessly in interviews with industry experts and famous names. Described as a ‘gateway into new ideas’, Ctrl Alt Delete is an opportunity to get to know the people who are using their passions to shape their working lives.

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

If there is one lesson worth learning in life, it is how to deal with failure. How to Fail with Elizabeth Day is an essential listen for any entrepreneur. Every week, Elizabeth interviews well-known guests from a range of occupations. She asks them to reflect on those things that didn’t quite go to plan. In doing so, the podcast shows how our failures can teach us to succeed. Elizabeth’s guests are open, honest and remarkably relatable. Want to know more about Elizabeth’s theory of Failosophy­? Check out her handbook for when things go wrong.

Podcast How to Fail with Elizabeth Day
How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

So next time you’re walking the dog, plug yourselves in to one of these podcasts for female entrepreneurs and start learning. Hungry for more inspiring stories from female entrepreneurs? Check out the IWNG blog, or join one of our upcoming events.

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