The Netherlands has so much to offer to visitors beyond Amsterdam. The unique architectural buildings and the largest seaport in Rotterdam makes it the heart of the country. Rotterdam is more calm and colourful and is definitely the most modern city of the Netherlands.  

There are vast numbers of things you can do with visitors here. From a day trip to a weekend getaway, Rotterdam will always succeed in putting a smile on any newcomer’s faces. The moment you enter Rotterdam through the Rotterdam Central Station, you are bound to be wowed by its beautiful and triangular shaped architecture.

The modernized city has many icons to fulfill a visitor’s itinerary. Learn more about things to do with visitors in Rotterdam as you read. 


“The Markthal”, one of the iconic buildings of Rotterdam, is shaped like a giant horse-shoe. This building has 11,000m2 of bright colors that visitors remarked as the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam. Markthal is a paradise for any food addict. It is the largest indoor market in the Netherlands. 

From Turkish kebab to Dutch haring or Indian samosas to Italian pizzas, Markthal has everything to satisfy a tourist’s food journey. The varieties of cheese, fruits and all the different kinds of spices will surely make your head spin. You can even taste some spices they will offer you on your walk inside the hall. Resisting your sense of taste and aroma inside Markthal will be very difficult. 

Markthall- The famous icon of Rotterdam and a must see in the visitor's to do list.
Markthall- a famous icon of Rotterdam

Cube House

How many times do you get to see houses that look like cubes? These are genuine individual houses that are shaped in cubes. You can imagine the feeling of seeing people living inside some dice. You will see tourists taking selfies in front of these buildings and you will be no different either. Its special architecture will surely get your camera clicking.

The unique architecture of cube houses will amaze any visitors in Rotterdam.
The fascinating Cube Houses


This is the famous Erasmus Bridge and is a must-see for any visitor in Rotterdam. You can simply sit on any side of the bridge and enjoy its surreal view. You can also take a bike tour to cross the bridge and discover a whole new part of pre-war Rotterdam. The phenomenal structure of the bridge has earned its name ‘De zwaan(The swan)’ by the locals. Visiting Erasmusbrug will undeniably be a treat to the eyes. 

Erasmus Bridge has to be a permanent fixture in a visitor's itinerary.
The spectacular Erasmus Bridge


Want to see the whole city from a bird’s eye view? The tallest building of Rotterdam will give you that exact feeling. Euromast is an observation tower and is a proud member of the World Federation of Great Towers. And, if you dare, you can drop from 100m above the ground on a rope here. Euromast has the highest abseil in Europe. 

From the rotating glass elevator, you can go almost 185m in the air and enjoy the mind blowing view, especially in the evening. You can dine out in the restaurant and enjoy the spectacular view as well.

Kralingse plas

Grab your picnic basket and head off to Kralingse plas park to spend some outdoor fun time with friends and family. This park is almost as big as 300 football pitches together and has been nominated for Best Public Space in the Netherlands several times. 

You can go rowing, sailing and fishing in the beautiful Kralingse lake or just sit around the lakeside and breathe in the freshness. This park is a personal favourite. Kralingse park is perfect to enjoy with your little one as well. It has a beautiful children’s pool, sand parks and many more attractions which will make your child go crazy.  

Visiting Rotterdam with a baby

Why should adults have all the fun? Rotterdam is one of the most baby-friendly cities where everything is easily stroller accessible. Among the many, you and your child can have the perfect time in any of these places. 

Miniworld Rotterdam

Both you and your child will be fascinated by this miniature version of the whole Rotterdam city. The landscapes, tiny buildings, running trains, the port, the stadium, the concerts – it has everything in the mini version. Your child can see tiny fire mans putting out fires, musicians singing in the concerts with a crowd and many other interactive effects that will even mesmerize you. 

The sneak peak of a miniature version of the Rotterdam city in the Miniworld Rotterdam.
Tiny landscapes of the Rotterdam city.

In the miniworld, the day will turn night in 24 minutes! You will see the whole room turning dark and thousands of light will sparkle in the mini Rotterdam, then in 24 minutes the daylight will come back and the daytime hustle will start again. Pretty interesting right?


From water fun to go-cart rides, this park is a dreamland for your child. You will be surprised how fast the hours go by when your little ones enjoy and you can sit and relax. There are many birds and animals around the park that your little one can interact with. You can go rowing around the lake or get on a boat ride or get drenched in the water playground. 

Your child can take train rides, hop on the merry-go-round or just jump around in any of the many swings they have. Plaswijckpark has everything for children of all age groups. And if the weather is not in favor, there is an indoor park too so that your kid is never disappointed.

Rotterdam zoo

Say hi to the sea lion or dive into the magical underwater world, The Diergaarde Blijdorp(Rotterdam zoo) has everything to entertain your little human. This zoo is one of the finest zoos in Europe where the animals are categorized by continents. 

The giant Elephants are one of the many attractions of the Rotterdam zoo.
The Elephant Habitat in the Rotterdam Zoo.

Experience the Amazon, discover Africa, or explore Europe’s largest and most beautiful butterfly paradise. The sharks, various sea creatures and penguins will surely grab your child’s attention and even you will be mesmerised. 

Petting zoo and Indoor parks

‘Kinderboerderij’ (children’s farm in Dutch) are small zoos where children can play with the farm animals. There are many petting zoos around Rotterdam and you can visit whichever you like. Your child can feed the horses, cows, and rabbits and can cuddle with the sheeps and goats. And they can laugh at the cock-a-doodle-do of some angry chickens.

But one can never predict the Dutch weather. The fun of your child should not be stopped by rain or wind, hence there are many indoor parks for your kid to enjoy. Parks like Monkey Town or Avontura Rotterdam offer so many indoor attractions and fun games that your child will never be bored. You can also relax with some coffee and a famous Dutch ‘Boterham’ (sandwich) while your little ones roll their heads with all the amusements. 

Complete the tour with some Dutch snacks

Even though Netherlands is not famous for its cuisine, there are some sweet snacks to satisfy your traveling appetite. You can grab some ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘pannenkoeken’ or a mouthful of patat'(french fries) on your walk through the Rotterdam tour and enjoy the beauty of this magnificent city. 

Things to Do in the Netherlands

Your traveling itinerary will always be full as there is so much to explore here.Whether you’re moving to Rotterdam or visiting our fair city, check out our upcoming events!

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