Our life has paused in the current crisis going around. Staying home for an unknown amount of time can take a toll on our mental health. It is quite normal to feel drained out and weak in this locked up situation. However, we can try and utilize this indoor time by doing things we love. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can deal with all the chaos rumbling around. 

We should keep ourselves away from all the negative energy and stay in our daily routine. Get up early, take a shower and put on a nice dress for work – these are part of our daily routine and we should stick to that even if we are working from home. This will boost up our energy and we will be able to work with full flow. Here is a list of a few things we can do at home to keep our minds fresh and content.


Meditation is the best way to keep your mind away from all the negativity and refresh your soul. Just 10 minutes of meditation in the morning can do wonders for you the whole day. Sit on your couch or on your carpet, take a deep breath and dive in to connect your body and soul together. This will help to focus on your daily life and will benefit your nervous system. You will feel a positive flow in your mind throughout the day.


Stretching and squatting for 20 minutes daily will definitely get your adrenaline running. The perfect way to boost up your energy is by doing some workouts at home. You can do yoga or aerobics or anything you are comfortable with. A workout is also an effective way to prevent yourself from becoming a ‘couch potato’.

Take a long hot bath

Light up some scented candles, take your favorite bath bombs and ‘submerse’ into your bathtub. You can also put on some soothing music, close your eyes and let all your worries wash away. A long hot bath is said to be as helpful as a gentle workout session. 

Detoxify your body

Eating healthy and caring for your skin will surely lighten and brighten your mood. Now is a good time to put on that face mask that you wanted to try but could not make it due to your heavy workload. Drink loads of water and watch out for your sugar intake. You can start your day by drinking warm water mixed with honey and lemon. Also, make sure you get plenty of vitamin C as it will increase your body’s immune system. Detoxifying your body will surely make you feel new from inside and will help you to stay active.

Feel refreshed by drinking detox water every morning at home.


Reading a book is like therapy. Set aside all your anxiety and put your thoughts in a book. Finish reading the book that you had to put off due to your busy days. Reading is fun and the most enjoyable moment alone. 

Reading gives us endless knowledge.

Declutter your home

What can be more perfect than utilizing your spare time to organize and declutter your home? Donate the stuff you don’t need and organize the closets and drawers. Rearrange the furniture and your home will feel new again.


Bring out the little chef in you and put your magic in creating the dish that you have wanted to make for a long time. Cooking is like an art: get as creative as you want with your favorite dishes. Or you can try recreating the fancy dish you tasted in a restaurant and have a date night with your partner at home.

Learn something new

Passionate about music, painting, crafting, a new language or even coding? This is a good time to learn a new skill. Bring out your hidden talent now. There are unlimited resources online. You can even brush up the old skill you had. Learning something new is fun and it will excite your mood. 

Take care of yourself

Lastly, take care of your mental health and refrain from reading too many materials about the current pandemic. It will pollute your mind with unnecessary worries. And support your local business when buying something. Stay healthy, maintain hygiene, stay safe and remember – self-isolation is the key.

Do you have any suggestions for meditation resources, workout routines, or new skills to learn at home? Leave your recommendations in the comments!

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Neela Mahrufa
Settled in the Netherlands in 2018 and being a foodie, everyone's love for sandwiches(Boterham) here still astonishes me! I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person who loves everything colourful.

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  1. I recently stumbled upon a YouTube yoga channel that I love. It’s called Yoga with Adriene. I started her 30 Days of Yoga (Home). She began it in January of this year, but I started April 1 and look forward to each day. It’s been great for staying calm, getting in some self-care and improving my practice. I also recently ordered a rebounder (trampoline) on bol.com and am having a lot of fun.

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