Something really big is happening for women, our world is changing. You may be able to sense it, feel it, or even see it… there is a shift in power currently underway around our planet. And with this, the perception of who we think we are and what is possible for us in our life is changing. 

A Transformation is Happening

This transformation is happening to us and through us. It’s an energy that’s building, that is driving women to break out of old, limiting patterns and step into new roles. To play a bigger part in influencing the future of our world, and actualise all the possibilities that we sense within ourselves. 


The traditional roles for women have changed, and we’ve been freed up – for the first time in history – to care about our own self-realisation, and this dormant energy of change has been ignited within us all.

It’s the revitalisation of the Feminine Power that is becoming more visible. It’s the power of creation, of nurturing, of inclusion and of harmony. Whether male or female, we all have this energy within us, and we are ALL a part of this shift.

While women are figuring out ways to grow and develop themselves, they can feel isolated and lonely.

Women leaders and entrepreneurs who are starting jobs or businesses in a foreign country, are extra vulnerable because they don’t have the support of a large safety net. 

Let us Rise into our Power

That is why now is the time for us women to link arms with other likeminded women, so that together, we can RISE into our power, visibility, influence & impact. 

Now is the time for women to be pioneers and take on the new roles that we are longing for. And even though these roles don’t necessarily exist yet and women individually lack the tools to navigate towards this new destination, I know that, when women come together to network and collaborate, they get the wings and power to create this new future together.

We can be whoever we want to be, but for now, we lack the tools to navigate our way there.

That’s the situation that women who live and work internationally find themselves in. We have more options and the ability like never before to be whoever we want to be, but we lack the tools to navigate our way there.

Have inspiring women surrounding you and cheering you on! 

As a woman leader or solo entrepreneur, you don’t have to do everything alone, crafting your new life, running a business or leading a team is much more fun, when you have inspiring women surrounding you and cheering you on.

After having worked with women for more that 20 years, I believe that leading a business, project or team from the feminine is possible. It is my vision for women to surround themselves with like-minded women. To form a tribe of inspirational women who want to impact the world with their gifts and earn a good income doing so.

We can be whoever we want to be, but we cannot do it alone. 

We need each other to co-create. We don’t have many role models and lack the tools to navigate our way there. 

I know this, because this is my story. And it’s the story of every woman I know. For more than two decades I’ve dedicated my life to understanding this new world order where roles are shifting. I’ve worked with and coached women experiencing this exact same phenomenon.


If you feel something alive, something so important waking up inside of you, but don’t know what to do with it. If you are ready to take a leap in your life and up-level the way you lead, or if you need a sounding board because being a woman at the leading edge can be lonely, then now is the time to get connected. Let a group of brilliant women work with you – and for you – to achieve the kind of success that is reflective of the truth of who you are.

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