With the Lunar New Year approaching, Chinese food seemed like an appropriate choice for the first International Women’s Networking Group dinner of the year. Plus, Chinese food is often served family style, which is great for groups. So we organized the first networking dinner of 2020 at Tai Wu in Rotterdam.

The International Women's Networking Group has dinner at Tai Wu Rotterdam!

Dinner for Eight

After attending multiple dinners with IWNG, we know that women can eat on a Friday night. As attendees arrive, we all look at the menu, considering what we all want to try. Luckily, with shared dishes, everyone can try a bit of everything without committing to an entire dish.

We started with a few dim sum dishes — some familiar, some not. But all the women attending were open-minded and ready to try new things! While the menu includes pictures for most of the dumplings, some attendees didn’t know what the descriptions really meant.

Peking duck, spare ribs, steamed sweet rice, pork buns, noodles, daikon radish cakes - this wasn't even the whole dinner!

For example, fried tarot root-wrapped pork looks like a honeycomb of delicate, crispy threads. And when you take a bite, the inside is a starchy sweet potato mash formed around ground pork in a light gravy. Many women would not know what to expect from the description and photo, but that’s the joy of eating at Tai Wu with women who know what to order!

After the rest arrived, we ordered a few more dumplings and a couple substantial dishes, including a whole peking duck. The duck comes with thin, steamed pancakes, sliced cucumber, green onions, and a hoisin/plum sauce. The dish traditionally comes with the head on the plate, which shocked a few guests but didn’t stop them from enjoying the meal.

About Tai Wu

Tai Wu in Rotterdam serves a variety of Chinese food, primarily in the Cantonese style. Their dim sum menu has pictures for every dish, but their regular menu does not. The menu, however, offers so many Chinese dishes that you’re bound to find something familiar.

Tai Wu is larger than most Dutch restaurants, which means it’s great for groups. They can easily sit parties between 2 and 12 people. But like most restaurants in Rotterdam, you should make a reservation for a Friday night dinner!

Members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam get to know each other

See You Next Time?

After we finished (almost) all of the food, we enjoyed multiple pots of tea while getting to know each other. It was a wonderful way to start the weekend and the new year.

We hope you join us next time!

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