It was Wednesday 17 April and the weather report for the weekend could only be summarized in three letters: B. B. Q.

Unfortunately, we all know how the Dutch love to plan ahead… A great habit, but not very beneficial for spontaneous get-togethers. Even my international friends have, by this point, integrated to such an extent that I need to book their weekends months in advance.  

So how could we still connect with awesome people and have a great Sunday?

And that’s the story of how I posted a last-minute invite for a spontaneous Sunday BBQ in the IWNG group. ☺

Like many of us, I first got in touch with this fun, active women’s network through their New Year’s Business, Bubbles & Bites event. Since then, I have attended some of their frequent low-key events such as social lunches, dinners, and co-working dates. And every time I meet really cool business babes, ladybosses, and otherwise inspiring, courageous women out to shape their own destiny.

Based on previous events, I expected about 10, maybe 16 people to respond. Which was a pretty good estimate. But I forgot that I explicitly invited partners & kids as well… And then some of my Dutch friends RSVP’d that ‘hey, they DID have time and would love to come!’.

So… we ended up with 32 people in our garden! XD

But, the more the merrier! This event was meant to bring people together, and that, it most certainly did! Haha.

Lucky for us, everyone was super helpful. Some came early to help set things up (thanks Abbi, Jacques & Anastasia!), brought extra foldable chairs (thank you Vanessa & husband) and everyone brought delicious side dishes, meat, veggies, snacks and drinks.

As the garden and the table with food filled up, I could see lots of people introducing themselves to each other and quickly getting into good conversations filled with laughter.

It was also great fun to meet the partners and families of our IWNG ladies this time. The atmosphere was very relaxed (I mean, who could be stressed sitting under some trees surrounded by good food?) and at the end of the day, friends were made, contact details exchanged and business cards swapped.

IWNG member Terya organized a BBQ to celebrate the first beautiful Spring weekend in Rotterdam
IWNG family picture

All in all, the BBQ was a big success and we will definitely be doing this again in the future. So keep an eye on the IWNG page if you’d like to join next time!

IWNG member Terya organized a BBQ to celebrate the first beautiful Spring weekend in Rotterdam and we get goofy
One silly picture to end a lovely afternoon

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