Stepping into the spotlight is something that has become an increasingly important part of doing business today. If nobody knows you exist, how will they ever find you for an assignment? And the first thing people do is ‘Google’ you. A lot happens online, to find information about you, your job or business. But taking out your phone for selfies every time you visit a cafe where you have a drink or work on location can be pretty awkward, most of the time. That’s why I created the “Social Media Madness” event on the 10th of March, where we could help each other out and create interactive moments between IWNG members to network. It resulted in a wonderful day where even magic played its part.


Vain as I am, I was thinking about what to wear and what to bring to look my best, 3 days before the event. (I kind of love this part of being a woman, where we let out our feminine side and dress up and feel pretty 🙂 ) I was also planning to go to bed early to avoid bags under my eyes, but unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep and woke up at 5.30 by a very annoying alarm clock that my husband had set to chat with a business partner in Singapore.

After a quick shower, breakfast and having done my make-up, I was ready to go on my bike. Unfortunately, rain was pouring out of the sky and of course I didn’t want to ruin my hair and face because I needed to look pretty right? So I was kindly dropped off by car by my husband. (Was he feeling guilty? ;-0)

Shooting Pictures at Lot & Daan

From 10 AM onwards, members of IWNG dropped in at the restaurant Lot & Daan and started to mingle, introduce themselves and the first pictures were taken. It was nice to see, that in the beginning everyone was a bit shy. But along the way, we felt more comfortable with ourselves and the surroundings, and it led to creating the pictures we wanted even when it meant standing on chairs to get the right angle.


This was truly the best part to see happening. I saw members discussing their needs to get the right pictures, helping each other and even lending each others clothes. (I thought I was prepared, but with only one extra set of clothes, I felt empty handed when Ter Ya walked in with a big trolly of extra clothes!) I loved to hear all the laughter and chattering that was going on.

A before and after shot from me and Vinnie.
A good example of our online life, where most pictures are posted as being effortlessly made, but a lot preceded it to make it a great shot.

Changing Venue

Next stop was CitizenM. Time for a group picture on the couch and some silly Insta stories.


We went ahead with making some more individual shots and little group pictures, as this venue has some nice spots where working space is combined with nice art.

Time for Lunch and a little bit of Magic

Working made us hungry, so we decided to go for lunch. Our choice was limited due to the rain, (we still didn’t want to get wet) but eventually we went to Popocatepetel in the Oude Haven. We had the whole restaurant for ourselves, so the waiter was very happy with 9 lovely ladies to cater to. After he found out what our group was about and what we had done before visiting the restaurant, he offered to help with our social media. We said “OK, thanks” and went on with looking at the menu to get our orders ready.

We were all asked to pick a card by our waiter / magician. Sterling was the first to pick a card.
And then cards changed from spades to hearts, right in front of our noses! We still can’t figure out how he did it.

Anyway, when we enjoyed our drinks, and doing another round table of sharing our business activities, Shahin the waiter interrupted and to our great surprise was he not only a waiter, he could do also some amazing card tricks! So instead of shooting another great picture from us for our social media channels (which we thought was his idea of helping us), he himself was aiming to get into our accounts. I can only say, me mentioning him here, says enough about his skills. It’s still unbelievable when someone changes the print of a card right in front of your nose…

A spectacular event

It made our event even more spectacular! When I was planning this event, I calculated a time from 10 AM to 1 PM. But eventually I was home around 3.30 PM. This was so much fun and exactly the reason why I like to organize such events. I love being surrounded by smart and inspirational women who I can connect with. I like seeing other women help each other rather than competing with each other. Ke-ying Ma’s comment in our Facebook group says it all:

“It was awesome meeting u all. I had a superb day! Thank you, all the beautiful and amazing ladies, for sharing, laughs, joys, stories, helping taking pictures and just being yourself and amazing! 🤗🤗🤗😘

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Yustine Alvares
Yustine Alvares was born in Indonesia and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she got her degree in Creative Communications. She has worked for more than 14 years in Europe, South America, and Indonesia. Creating successful creative marketing, communication, branding, and media strategies in combination with design whilst enjoying work is her motive. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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