Visiting the launch of Rotterdam Business Breakfast

From left to right:
Jeniffer Nunez & Lara Wilkens from Business Breakfast and
Ediri Sobotie & Yustine Alvares from IWNG

My morning on the 26th of September started very early. And to be honest, I’m more of an evening person but I didn’t want to miss the big launch of Rotterdam Business Breakfast at our partner location StartDock Rotterdam, organized by the lovely Lara Wilkens, who is also a partner of IWNG. She already runs successful Business Breakfasts in Amsterdam and Utrecht, so it was about time to bring them to our beautiful city too.

Business Breakfasts

Every Business Breakfast starts at 8.30 AM and ends at 10.30 AM. And we were welcomed in the canteen of StartDock, to have a warm cup of coffee or tea. Breakfast was ready too, offered by Queal and consisted of smoothies, oatmeal, and bars. I can tell you, those bars are really filling! 


At 9:00 Marcel Molenaar, Country manager LinkedIn Benelux, started his presentation in another room. I expected to hear a story about the premium features of this app, but was happy to find out he actually explained all features that are there within the free membership. 


Marcel clearly explained the difference between how we use social media to refer to “donuts“. While FB, Instagram, and Pinterest are mainly used to tell and show how much you like donuts (who doesn’t share food pics on there?! 🙂 ) LinkedIn is all about how to grow your business in donuts. 

Donuts on LinkedIn

Add value to your story

Because today’s leaders are social leaders. You will have to use social media to connect with people. To gain trust. And of course, LinkedIn is perfect for that. You can share business news but the platform is also very good to show your values and beliefs by sharing other people’s content of which you think that’s interesting. You need to add value to your story. It’s all about who knows you when talking about creating your own personal brand. 

Learn more about telling your story?
Come to our Storytelling and Social Media Event! 

And while you may think LinkedIn is a business app, know that numbers are showing that people are using it more and more on weekends too. Your story has more chances to reach people since they have more free time to actually read posts better. 

When you do post,..also keep in mind that 60-70% of the users open the app first on their mobile instead of their computer or laptop. 


Marcel ended his presentation by giving us tips on how to boost our LinkedIn profile. The one that I most liked was to tag people in your post, to get that “snowball effect” going and your post has much more chance to be seen by other people. Not only your connections but also by the people you tagged. So make sure your post is engaging, to have other people interact on it and your audience will grow! 

Leads & Needs 

After the presentation, Lara hosted a Leads & Needs moment. Such a great concept! The audience had the opportunity to shortly introduce themselves if they wanted to and ask what they needed. Another attendee could react if they offered that kind of service, so some connections were made instantly, very nice to see. 

IWNG member Riri Putriani introducing herself during the Leads & Needs session.

Join us next time!

After that, we all went back to the canteen for some more networking. The event itself was nice, I totally recommend it to people who are afraid to network or go to such meetings as this is one where you can feel totally at ease and there’s no pressure at all to chat and mingle. Just go with the flow. I’m happy to have Lara and Business Breakfasts as one of our partners and can’t wait until the next edition, which is on the 11th of October

And, don’t forget about our collaborated event on Friday the 15th of November! IWNG is co-host of that edition of Rotterdam Business Breakfast and I’m looking forward to seeing many members there! 

Remember to use the code mentioned in our private FB group to get a discount on your ticket.

Rotterdam Business Breakfast by IWNG

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