On the Friday, 24 May, a few members of the International Women’s Networking Group gathered at “Backyard Rotterdam,” a vegan restaurant, which also catered to non-vegan beverages upon request. It was definitely a different atmosphere from that of CitizenM, but it still served the purpose of a relaxed environment.

It was nice to see that a lot of people signed up to attend, but in reality, only 4 of us showed, and to those who did show up, I say, “Thank you so much Ladies”, especially one who wasn’t feeling too well, but still made an effort to come.

We had a mix of Ladies, who’d worked in Multinational companies (Marketing) & Private Banking (Sales & Marketing) but were venturing off into Entrepreneurship.

Each individual worked on various tasks, varying from ironing out details/a business plan for setting up the “Marketing & Advisory Agency,” to another working on to searching for potential suppliers for the new “Mama & Baby” business.

It was also a great opportunity to share our worries and concerns about tasks we’d taken on, or were going to take on. We were genuinely interested in listening (when not working, of course), and if we didn’t know how to help, we’d refer another member of the group.

Yes, we did some “Name dropping,” one of them being Sterling’s and her expertise in brand/logo designs.

Co-hosting the event made me realize two things:

  1. It takes A LOT of courage for us as humans to open ourselves and idea to others. So when this is presented, it’s my hope that we’re tactful and respectful to give constructive advice when it’s been asked for. Thank you my Dear Lady (she knows herself) for trusting us with your ideas.
  2. IWNG is a community which is rich in knowledge, and meetings like these reassure us that there is Power in the pack.

Let’s continue to meet, share and lift each other up, as well as fix each others’ crowns.

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