Living in creation is effortless and possible, and that’s one of the intentions why I host Coffee and Collab (CC) – to share that with the ladies in my own way, as well as giving it as a gift to all.

About Coffeelicious

Coffeelicious is a two-story cafe with a garden on Nieuwe Binnenweg. I recommend making a reservation, especially if you want to enjoy High Tea! As we chatted, we saw tiered cake stands packed with treats delivered to the tables around us.

Their portions for items like specialty lattes and slices of cake can be quite generous, so come with an appetite!

Golden Milk latte and Green Tea latte with mint at Coffeelicious

Collaborative Efforts

After chatting for a while, I asked the group if there is anything they need help with or looking to collaborate on. Sterling replied and said that she would like to organize a board game day and asked if anyone happened to know any place that can host it. None of us knew.

But two minutes later, I bumped into this cafe called Buurtbistrot Laurensius and saw board games on the window sill. I asked the owner and he told me that anyone can play when it is less crowded (i.e. between 3pm to 5pm) – just call and ask beforehand.

Yustine had said she was not looking for anything at the time. But I know she organizes monthly lunches for IWNG and is always scouting for restaurants. Later that day, I found Food Guide 010 with 45 hotspots – I’ll be passing this on!

And While we were chatting, I told the goup that I’d manifested for a non-rainy day for this event, and that it’d better stay the way it is! Again, this had actualized. Now that the event is over, it can be as it is.

We surely had some good company, time, food, drink and dessert (although the green tea latte with mint was unusual…). I hope to see you at the next one and hear about how we can help you!

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