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When the universe is listening

Writers have a lonely job, or at least I’m the one who believes that. Your friends are your characters, you talk to them; you get angry with them and so on. Writers also spend a great deal of time in their studio, if they are lucky to have one, if not in their bedroom, pretending they have a wonderful window view. Last year I decided to leave that comfort zone of mine, go out and make some real friends.

Rotterdam Business Breakfast

Our lives in tiles

My morning on the 26th of September started very early. And to be honest, I’m more of an evening person but I didn’t want to miss the big launch of Rotterdam Business Breakfast at our partner location StartDock Rotterdam, organized by the lovely Lara Wilkens, who is also a partner of IWNG. She already runs successful Business Breakfasts in Amsterdam and Utrecht, so it was about time to bring them to our beautiful city too.

Rotterdam Spouse Initiative

Rotterdam Spouse Initiative

IWNG is proud to be part of a new concept that has run some pilot editions starting last March at Venture Café Rotterdam. We now officially named it the “Rotterdam Spouse Initiative”. Together with Rotterdam Partners, Madam Rotterdam, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Network and Venture Café, we have designed a series of events to ‘Reinvent Yourself’ after moving to a new country.