As we are all asked by the government to stay at home as much as possible because of the Corona virus, Zoom has been the way (or app) to go to for many companies, organizations and families to stay in touch. To update each other, to work, to beat boredom and to stay sane, this online meeting platform helps a lot to be social during social-distancing. 

All about women

Yesterday, I hosted an online version of our monthly IWNG lunch and joined two online meetings from other women’s groups too. At 6 pm Female Ventures kicked off with their first meeting in Rotterdam, during the Virtual Thursday Gathering from Venture Café and afterwards I could directly join the WBII meeting starting at 7pm. It felt good to see so many familiar faces that day!

More than 30 people were present during the WBII Zoom meeting!

Monthly IWNG Lunch

Since this was the first online IWNG meeting, I was curious to see if there was a need but many people signed up so that was a good sign! Apparently and probably also very logically, staying at home by ourselves makes us feel isolated and chatting online does help keep our sanity. 

While we spoke a lot about the Corona virus and how it has affected us (picture demanding kids, and noisy husband’s but also having friends who have sick family members 🙁 ), we had some other great moments talking about books, cultural differences and of course our businesses. 

Teuta mentioned a must read during these crazy times:

“Forty Rules of Love” by Elif Shafak. 

We all had our lunch already, so it was more a chat over coffee and tea but nonetheless, very nice to see some familiar faces. Raluca even joined us while being in Romania! 

The silly situation at Zeeman

We also had a good laugh from a story that Berran told us about shopping in Zeeman, on the border of Brabant (she lives in Breda) and Belgium. Her friend told her, that since Belgium is in total lockdown, the part of the shop that is built on Belgium grounds is closed, but the part on Dutch ground is still open for public, so when Dutch people came to the shop and wanted to buy some undies, it was not possible as that part of the shop was on Belgium territory. So silly as it may be, probably the Dutch could only buy toys? 🙂 

Here’s the link from AD, with an article exactly about this situation:
Algemeen Dagblad / Zeeman

And even though we were with only 5 people in the end (Thank you Nil, Teuta, Raluca and Berran!!), for me it was worthwhile. It was a nice break between guiding my son in his homework and keeping on track with my own things. I have to say that I mostly work in the evening hours. These are my times to be really productive and focused.

Did you find your rhythm of household chores, family life, and work? 

Thanks for joining me, ladies!

Since the government has prohibited events with large groups and the Mayor of Rotterdam has just announced that only 2 people can be together outdoors (this does not apply for families), I will host another online lunch meeting on Zoom next month. So save this  Zoom link to meet on the 30th of April! =>

Stay safe and see you then!

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