Welcome everyone! The Nutrition & Lifestyle Group was born out of passion and necessity, especially nowadays where we live in a modern world but facing many challenges such as a worldwide pandemic.

For this reason, many of us feel the need to reassess and redefine our lives as to what serves us and what not. An integral part of this assessment is considering, what nourishes us and what not, not everything that is food nourishes us and not everything that nourishes us is food.

Why Do You Need Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance Now More Than Ever?

Let’s pause and think about it for a moment. We are the only species in this planet confused about what to eat. There is not a single animal living in its natural environment that is sick or overweight because of its diet or lifestyle. They just know what to eat, even more they know how to live!

This shows how disconnected we have become from Nature and even from our ability to differentiate “good” food from “bad” food. Or shall I say nutrient dense food from junk food. We even fail to recognise what serves us well on a day-to-day basis and what does not.

Consequently, we end up unhappy, suffering from diseases, illnesses and premature death. We allow to silence what our bodies are telling us and constantly run into trouble with our health. 

At the same time, eating well is not enough anymore. We live in exciting times yet very stressful times. I don’t think any generation has been as stressed as we are now.

We all know by now that stress affects our bodily systems, sleep, lifestyle habits, relationships, food choices (hello emotional eating!) and our ability to relax or even to digest food properly (have you heard of rest and digest?).

In addition, research keeps showing up that what we think and how we feel can also affects our well-being as well as happiness levels. As you can see, everything is interconnected like in a spider web and the only way is to look at things holistically. Speaking of holistic, let’s look at what Nutrition & Lifestyle have in common: they affect our health and wellness.

The Importance of Health, Wellness and Community  

When it comes to health, it is quite a subjective term because your own definition of health depends on your cultural background, personal aspirations, physical and mental condition, and situation in life.

Life is dynamic and not static therefore, these aspects fluctuate as you go on in your life, and your meaning of ‘health’ is constantly reassessed and reformed. It is important to note that in the health care sector there is also no universal agreement about the meaning of the term’s ‘health’, ‘wellness’, ‘illness’ and ‘disease’ and that these terms are constantly contested.

I believe that our present health and future health is the sum of our genetics, diet, lifestyle choices, environment and emotions. As no two humans have exactly the same combination of the above factors, the health or dis-ease of one person may not have the same root cause as these symptoms in someone else.

Therefore, I think there are multiple treatment options or diets to resolve many health concerns. That is why I strongly believe in teamwork: bringing experts from all health care sectors including those from different healing modalities together as well as the power of our community. 

When it comes to describing wellness, I really like this Illness-Wellness Continuum visual representation by Dr John Travis. An interesting thing to notice about this Continuum is the emphasis on awareness, education and growth, what better way to do that, than being part of a community or a group.

Another interesting thing to spot is, that if you look at the simple orthographic between illness and wellness you will see that illness suggests “I” as in the individual or one aspect. Whereas wellness suggest “We” as in the collective or many aspects.

Join the Nutrition and Lifestyle Group

This is why the focus of this group is on the collective, aiming to connect like-minded women around this topic.

The way we will do it is by bringing experts as well as passionate members, to share knowledge about Nutrition, Food, Lifestyle, Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Body-Mind-Soul Connection, Natural Healing Modalities and anything that nourishes us women to the very core of our well-being! We will also have regular group meetings where we will share our common interests so that together we can bring our wellness on a higher level of well-being!

Join the Nutrition and Lifestyle Group today! Because when women support each other, incredible things happen!

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