28 March 2019 – Greek restaurants are always one of my favorite places to eat (yes, I love the ouzo too:) ). And so I was looking forward to trying a little venue called DeliGriek, who call themselves “The first Greek delicacy caterer of Rotterdam”. Reviews of this place are mainly positive and so it seemed the perfect place to visit during our 6th IWNG’s Monthly Networking Lunch.

Fresh Food

When entering the restaurant, the room was crowded and our reserved spot had the only empty seats left. Always a good sign! We were with 9 lovely ladies including me, coming from various countries like Spain, Italy, Germany, Romania, Greece (!), Brazil and Holland. After a bit of chit chat and asking Sissy – from Greece- what would be good to order, she explained that the Greek always first ask the owner or staff if the food is fresh. Because then the food is good. As a non-Greek, like me, this might seem like a very direct and “special” question, but off she went to ask the staff and they indeed were not offended by this question in any way.

Sissy told us that the Greek are very direct but not as rude as the Dutch. This was before she new two of her table companions were Dutch 🙂 We all had to laugh when Lotte and I told her we are Dutch. As Dutchies we hear this a lot though, and I can understand where they – foreigners – are coming from. I had a culture shock after visiting Holland after a long time.

Cultural differences

The nice part of IWNG is that we get to learn all these cultural differences, but also excepting each other as who they are. We might have different values, communication- and behavioral standards, but what let’s us unite is the hunger to grow and building relations that can help reaching our own personal and business goals. 

During lunch we all introduced ourselves, whilst enjoying our food. We had great pita/haloumi wraps, moussaka, pastitio and some nice mezedes (small bites). Those 2 hours flew by, as we all had much to tell and ask. 

pita giros
Pictures from Deligriek.nl

Some members stayed after lunch to chat a bit more, and that was great to see. New connections were made and existing relationships were strengthened. And that’s exactly what these lunches are about. Having the possibility to casually network, make new friends, re-connect and enjoying great food too.

Join us!

If you couldn’t make it this time, please feel free to join us next month for another great networking lunch. And if you have any suggestions for that hidden gem, with amazing food that we can visit during one of our future lunches, then I’m looking forward to read it in your comment below!

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