It was hot. Very hot! We had many cancelations, but still, we had a nice lunch at Noo.Me with some members during the monthly lunch on the 25th of July.

I was fortunate to finally meet some ladies who I’ve chatted with online but never got the chance to meet in person. Seeing new and old faces at the table again was very nice. It shows that the IWNG community is a very loyal one and also open for any new member to join and come to events by themselves. That’s what our group is all about: creating a warm community where everyone feels welcome, having the chance to meet new people and make new business relations.

Of course, as with every other networking event, the value of it depends on who is attending and if there are people who you can connect with. And also,… what YOU bring to the table!

The lunches are a perfect moment to ask help/support or just vent about some issues you came across. But for some, it’s already nice to just get out of the office or their house and meet other women. And that’s ok too.

The restaurant Noo.Me was very nice. They offer a good selection of dim-sum and noodle soups. Some items I found a bit pricey, but the overall taste was pretty nice.

As it was so unbelievably hot that day, most favorite drink on the table was the home-made ice tea. They came in different flavors and luckily helped to cool off a bit.

Hopefully, the next edition (29 August) will be less hot, but I’m looking forward to welcoming you anyway at Parqiet Restaurant! They have a nice outdoor terrace so a little bit of sun will be great.

Don’t forget to register using this link and see you then!

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Yustine Alvares
Yustine Alvares was born in Indonesia and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she got her degree in Creative Communications. She has worked for more than 14 years in Europe, South America, and Indonesia. Creating successful creative marketing, communication, branding, and media strategies in combination with design whilst enjoying work is her motive. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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