Last Thursday, the 27th of June, we held our 7th edition of the Monthly Lunches. This time I picked the newly opened restaurant Raïnaraï for this meetup. As it was a beautiful summer day, we sat outside on their cozy terras enjoying great food and the buzzing surrounding of Middellandplein (Rotterdam-West). 

Finding like-minded women

It was great welcoming repeaters and new faces, and talk about their experiences moving to Rotterdam/The Netherlands and finding a flow, a rhythm to experience life in The Netherlands. Whether it’s for love or business-wise, or even when you have moved around a lot on the globe, it’s always hard in a new place and find like-minded women to chat with and become friends.

As this is the main topic we come across when talking with members of IWNG, we really would like to know how we can improve our events, so that they are tailored to your needs! So do drop us a line by mail, messenger or any other social channel with ideas and suggestions. You can even host your own events!

Enjoying lunch in the sun

Going back to this lovely lunch, we enjoyed sitting outside and having a nice plate of food. I regret I didn’t take the bigger portion! I really love their food, as it’s so flavorful and really well cooked. If you are in the area, you should definitely visit! 

All about apps

While we were chatting, one thing we discussed were apps. And how it makes life so much more easy. Sabine Imdahl mentioned the app Onefit, where you can join and pay on a monthly base. And beside this great benefit, you can sport in many locations through out the city. To me this sounded perfect, as a yearly contract is always such a hassle. Specially when you still travel regularly or just not have the time to go that often, so it pays off your investment. 

So, if you want to get active and want to try out different classes and sport schools, I would say give it a try! I think I will 🙂 


Another great thing I learned that day, has something to do with LinkedIn. I think I’m using it more regularly since a year or so and I thought I had figured out this platform pretty much. I was wrong! Michelle Mourits was telling us about a feature mentioned by someone else and she wanted to try it with us. Glad she did! What a great tool!

If you go into your LinkedIn app and press the “people” button, (next to the house icon, in your screen below) then you will see in the top bar an icon called “nearby”. Now turn on your bluetooth and you will see people appear in your screen who are….nearby and registered on LinkedIn.  Maybe you knew about this already, but I didn’t and it’s so handy! I said before, business cards are not really necessary anymore these days and having this feature makes it all so easy. 

That same day, I (in my function as IWNG Sponsor/Partnership Manager) was invited by the WBII (Women’s Business Initiative International) to come over and get acquainted as women’s groups nowadays really team up and join forces. Anyway, during the network moment, people wanted to connect via LinkedIn as well and I could use this feature like a pro 🙂 

Thank you!

To conclude this blog, I would like to thank everyone who joined the lunch and looking forward to the next one. As always, on the last Thursday of every month, so block the date in your calendar and see you then! 

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Yustine Alvares
Yustine Alvares was born in Indonesia and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she got her degree in Creative Communications. She has worked for more than 14 years in Europe, South America, and Indonesia. Creating successful creative marketing, communication, branding, and media strategies in combination with design whilst enjoying work is her motive. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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