Are you unsure if you wear the right fitted bra size? Looking for good advice? I was in the same situation until I came across SuperBra. IWNG member Tammy Parish sent me a message on LinkedIn that I should really meet up with the founder as it would be beneficial to our group. And oh my she was so right!

Entrepreneur pur sang

My chat with Floor van der Pavert was such a nice experience and it had such a positive vibe that I really had to promote her here in the group. Floor started SuperBra in 2016 with the intention to provide every woman and especially those wearing large sizes, the perfect Bra. One that really fits and supports our breasts. So neck pains and backaches should be history from now on. I can vouch that she and her staff will take the time for you to find that perfect fit. And seeing all those raving reviews online, you really should check out the store in “Het Zwaanshalskwartier” in Rotterdam Noord.  

Finding the perfect fit

After our chat, she offered me a bra fitting so I could experience what women would undergo if they visit the store. So I went into the changing room, which was nicely decorated and spacious, with warm lighting so I didn’t feel like a scary deer below some spotlights. 

With my own bra still on, Floor checked me out (no measuring!), and went back into the store to grab some models. She came back and I tried on the bras with the “scoop and swoop” technique. 

Check here to watch a video to learn more about this technique!

They fitted surprisingly well. Floor said: “Shall I tell you what size you are wearing now?” I was flabbergasted when I heard my size! Even though SuperBra works with her own English (not EU!) based sizing, I still went up quite some cup sizes. 

She explained to me that cup sizes, in general, don’t say much, but cup size in relation to width certainly does! So she brought down my width with 10 cm and that made my cup size go up. Floor said that most of the support (80-90%) comes from the band of the bra, only 20% should come from the shoulder straps.  


Floor isn’t done with her mission yet either. She wants SuperBra to become a well known retail chain in the Netherlands and is opening her second store in Utrecht in March! Exciting times for her, as at the same time she is expecting her first child. 

Bra Fitting Event

Would you like to meet Floor, hear more about her entrepreneurial adventure, see her store, find your right size and try/buy one of her beautiful products? Then join our Bra-Fitting event on the 16th of March! 

This opportunity is limited to 8 ladies only (with a minimum of 5), so there’s time enough for everyone to get a good consultation and time to network whilst we enjoy some coffee, tea, sparkling wine, and chocolate. When this turns out to be very successful, we will organize a second event. 

For who: Everyone (no matter what size you are wearing) who wants to get really good advice regarding your perfect fitted bra

When: October 2020

Time: 7-9 PM

Costs: 10.00 euro P.P and you will receive a voucher of 7,50 Euro that you can redeem the same evening.

Address: Zwaanshals 274, 3035 KM, Rotterdam


PS: Would you like us to visit your company as well? Contact me for more information!

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