Irina Masalagiu is the mind behind MindAbouts. She’s a travel enthusiast, a dance lover, an animal cuddler, a hopeless optimist, and an Ex-pat.

Originally from Romania, she has lived in the Netherlands for 3 years. In the beginning, she felt like a tree was uprooted from its place and planted somewhere new. After spending some time in the Netherlands, now she feels her roots are beginning to find places to grow. 

Irina, Founder of MindAbouts

Beginning of MindAbouts

Ever since Irina was a child, she believed in the power of the mind and imagination. In 2020 she rediscovered the magic of the mind and imagination through neuro-linguistic programming(NLP). Irina is now an ABNLP-certified NLP trainer and a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, coaching and hypnosis, ready to help others discover their personal power to thrive in any conditions. She feels the urge to share the powerful tools of NLP with the world.

Irina’s journey with NLP

As Irina defined, Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) is the attitude of being curious about yourself and the outside world. It is the art of being curious about the structure of our thinking and what drives our behavior. 

Back in Irina’s childhood, she had a plush toy rabbit whom she would talk to about her day. She used to tell the rabbit everything, and if she needed to wake up early in the morning, she would tell the time to rabbit. Surprisingly, Irina could wake up exactly at that time without using an alarm clock!. Later, Irina became curious and started imagining doing ‘exercises’ before bed. As a result, she distinctly began to feel her heart beating faster and she would start to sweat. This incident made her more puzzled about this behavior of the human mind. After that, she began to explore in greater depth and found NLP.

Magic of NLP

According to Irina, NLP helps people to dig into the pattern of their thinking. NLP offers powerful tools and strategies to help people change themselves. Irina says “When you collaborate with your subconscious self, it opens up a magical door towards reality”, and with the help of MindAbouts, you can find a way to communicate with your subconscious self. Emotions are normal and if we can recognize them with NLP and understand our behavior, we become more in control of ourselves.

Workshops with Irina

On March 3rd, Irina held a workshop exclusively for IWNG members. In this workshop, She gave a glimpse of NLP, what it actually is and showed some practical steps to use the tools of NLP.

This workshop was concentrated on how someone can use communication skillfully and effectively in life. Irina shared some techniques on how to:

  • Analyze and study a situation
  • Engage the senses
  • Use negotiation techniques
  • Deal with objections
  • Make the process successful and a win-win situation

Irina has a training program in the making that will incorporate all the NLP tools. It will be a rich training program packed with practical exercises on how to visualize your belief and to change your reality. She hopes to land this training program between May-June 2021. 

Interested to know more about MindAbouts?

We appreciate Irina’s effort to share such interesting knowledge of NLP with us. Watch the full interview and let us know how these can help you. If you would like to know more about MindAbouts then you can visit MindAbout’s page or as Irina says “You can call me with any kind of problem!”

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