In this interview, we meet IWNG partner and founder of Architect Accelerate and Jumpstart YouTube, Gulce Onganer. Gulce joined fellow partner Kristina to chat about her latest project, Jumpstart YouTube.

About Gulce and YouTube Jumpstart

Jumpstart YouTube helps entrepreneurs learn the skills they need to build an audience for their personal brand on YouTube. Gulce focuses on community building and ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factors to help attract and maintain clients.

With YouTube, Gulce has been there and done that. She started her YouTube channel Making it in Holland two years ago and has amassed over 3,500 subscribers. Gulce puts her success down to how easy it is to connect with viewers over video. ‘It’s not about vanity metrics or numbers, it’s about establishing that connection with people who really want to learn from you’. And this is exactly what Gulce and Jumpstart YouTube are specialists in.

Why Choose YouTube?

Kristina and Gulce spoke about the relevance of video as a way to connect with your audience. Video is a flexible and fun way for potential clients to find out about you and your business. Gulce explained that using video is a great way to create content because it can be spread across several platforms. 

So, one video can be transcribed into a blogpost, turned into a quote for Instagram, and made into a micro-clip for Facebook. In the time it would take to write one blog post, one video can become several pieces of micro-content. In the busy life of a business owner, YouTube is a time-saving way of being present in as many places as possible.

And best of all, as Gulce says, ‘anyone with an internet connection and decent device can do it!’. By emphasizing ‘documenting, not creating’, Jumpstart YouTube helps entrepreneurs create better content.

Gulce’s Expat Journey

Gulce moved to the Netherlands with her family back in 2004. She has since lived in many place across Europe, but returned to Rotterdam in 2017 to start work in an architectural firm. It was only then that she experienced the ‘culture shock’ of working in The Netherlands. Three years and three jobs later, Gulce came to a realization. The restlessness she felt in her career was because of her drive to become her own boss.

Gulce is now the founder of two start-ups, Architect Accelerate and Jumpstart YouTube. And she wants to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams too.

Jumpstart your YouTube Presence with Gulce!

Breaking news! Gulce gave IWNG an exclusive, and announced the start of her Jumpstart YouTube Academy. Who is it for? In Gulce’s words, the Academy is for you if you want to ‘expand your sphere of influence, build a larger audience and improve your business’ bottom line’. The 8-week program contains all you need to know to start and grow a YouTube channel. So start leveraging the power of online video with Gulce!

You can watch the full interview and check out the other exciting projects Gulce has to offer on her website.  

Interested in joining Gulce and Kristina as an IWNG partner? Then we’d love to hear from you

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