As the end of the summer holiday was approaching on all of us, it was nice to have lunch one more time before all the craziness of work and (for some like me) school runs is on the agenda again.

We met at Parqiet, a former coach house, now a cafe which is beautifully located at Het Park, near the Euromast. I should visit the area more often actually! The vibe in the park is a bit posh but still very chill to hang out.

Former coach house – Parqiet

I got a bit lost finding the location as the Baden Powellaan is the parallel road next to the main road but Parqiet is bit further up in the park and there are no signs that will lead you there. So I ended up at ‘Dudok in the Park’ first, which is located just next to Parqiet, but I had to make a detour as I couldn’t drive my bike over their terrace of course.

When I entered the cafe, some ladies were already there chatting and enjoying their drinks. We were with a nice small group of 7 people eventually. It was good to see new people are joining IWNG and I’m always intrigued to hear how and why they arrived here and what life in Rotterdam / The Netherlands has brought them so far.

Introducing yourself and your business during the event is key
You might find your new friend or business relation

We hope IWNG can really help connect women and support you in establishing and enjoying your (new) life and job in Rotterdam!

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Yustine Alvares
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