As the pandemic kicked in, the IWNG team promptly shifted gear to the Online world and kick-started the first Edition of “IWNG Experts on Zoom”. “IWNG Experts on Zoom” was a series of online sessions conducted through Zoom every week with the purpose of staying connected and supporting each other through the pandemic situation. Six sessions were organized between April and May 2020 with topics ranging from mental health care, hair care to family law regulations. The sessions saw an overwhelming response and were packed with information, fun, and learning.

Written by Jaimala Wankhede & Yustine Alvares

The sessions commenced with Expert Ida taking us on a journey to explore who we wanted to come out as through these challenging times and what impact we wanted it to have on us. 

Let’s have a quick glance at each session and our key take-aways:

Ida Rutten – We can’t control what is happening, yet we can control how we are dealing with it. We figured out who we wanted to be in this challenging time, what impact Covid-19 had on us, and what impact we want to have on others.

Nicoline Huizinga – It’s important to be visible for your current and future clients. And there’s no better (or easier) way to accomplish that than through video. We got a lot (really a lot!) of practical tips.

Anushka Christian – We learned about the biggest misconceptions of salon services and what are the top causes of hair damage and breakage.

Sabine Imdahl – We got an unromantic reality check of our rights and duties as a partner and/or mother. But it’s important to think about your rights and possibilities, before it’s too late and want to get a divorce and you need a lawyer.

Jaimala Wankhede – We learned what we can do in our day to day life to bring in that spark of happiness and to make our life a little less stressful.

Flo Scialom – We closed our eyes and went on a mini mindfulness training and got simple mindfulness and self-compassion techniques to help us during this time of challenge and uncertainty.


A lot of posts at the beginning of the pandemic said to make good use of this time,…well, after two months having these wonderful sessions, we surely did!

A heartfelt thank you to all these amazing experts who shared their valuable time and knowledge with each one of us. Each session was packed with good content and loads of tips to stay motivated and charged up through the current times.

These sessions wouldn’t have been as worthwhile as they did without our wonderful participants, so a big thank you to each one of you who made time to join us.

Now that the lockdown guidelines have been eased and we are allowed to visit the parks and enjoy the sun, we look forward to seeing all of you soon. Stay safe!

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