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Today we kicked off with our first edition of “IWNG Experts on Zoom”, a series of online sessions via Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday where one member shares her knowledge on any particular subject. With the aim to stay connected, to learn, to share ideas and help each other grow. Ida Rutten from Orange Smile was brave enough to host the first session. As coaching is her passion, she led us through a hands-on meeting where we got to think about ourselves and figure out who we want to be in this challenging time and what impact we want to have.

Ida Rutten – Orange Smile

Ida has lived in London, Paris, Kinshasa (DR Congo) and Lagos (Nigeria) over a period of 13 years and in summer 2018 we moved back to The Netherlands as a family with 3 boys.

In each assignment, she found very different fulfilling ways to spender time. During these years she supported several new families and seeing expats partners struggle in finding a fulfilling way to spend their time, she felt the key to finding what you want, is knowing what you want.

So after her welcome word and short introduction, she made us think about several questions. It was a good way of getting back to the basics of what is important to you. Sometimes we are so busy living our lives that we forget to pause and think “Are we on the right track?”. Is doing what I do, warming my heart? Do I make the impact I want,…does it make me happy? 

To share and not to share

The idea of these Zoom sessions was to share a replay later for those who missed it, but before we started Ida suggested that we kept it private so everyone felt comfortable enough to share her thoughts. This was a good idea and a good learning curve to know that we don’t always need to share things, but…the session also made clear that sharing feelings and emotions is rather important. Especially during these isolated times! 

Since we were with a small group, we opened up after we crossed the threshold of our own embarrassment and being a bit shy. It’s always scary to share your true thoughts, especially with a group of people you don’t know right? But then, one by one, everyone really participated and it felt great to be part of this, hearing about the views, ideas, and stories of everyone. You were all so brave and supportive of each other! “Kindfulness” is the word of this session today! 

Many thanks again to Ida for hosting this session and a big thank you for the ladies who made time to be present as well. It was a lovely meeting! 

Join our next session

Don’t miss our next session, which is on the 9th of April. Come join us at 2 pm and learn all about How to reach your clients with video, hosted by Nicoline Huizinga

Sign up via this link: https://www.iwng.nl/events/iwng-experts-on-zoom-nicoline-huizinga/

See you then, Yustine

Below the questions Ida asked us, you might want to check in with yourself and think them over as well: 

  • Complete the following sentences: 

My mind is….

My body is….

My spirit is….

  • What is the primary area for you to focus on to achieve more balance?
  • What do you celebrate? When do you give yourself a pat on the back?
  • What impact would you like to create?
  • What support would you need?
  • What is your take away from this session?

Want to know more about Ida and Orange Smile? Visit her pages:




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