Together we can make a great event!

As we are working hard to create an amazing event on the 22nd of June, we welcome any extra help from our members!

Please have a look below and see if you can contribute to the event, to make it even greater. In return, you will receive the following benefits:

Videographer and photographer earn free entry. Your logo permanently on our website and promo material (blog, video, and pictures)

Caterer earns free entry and your logo on promotional material.

Helper/volunteer earns free entry.


Job descriptions:
Helper - Lend a hand with decorating, registration, serving drinks/bites, other small tasks
Photographer - Create captivating pictures during our event and editing afterwards
Videographer - Shoot an engaging video during the event and make edits to create a nice promo video
Caterer - Provide small bites or treats, representing your company