It was a grey and rainy day, on which one might want to stay at home or go to the movies. On this day, the lovely group of international women showed up at the cafe that afternoon. 

Interational women in Rotterdam meet for cakes and coffee at Heavenly Cupcakes

About Heavenly Cupcakes

A cozy cafe mainly serving vegan cupcakes was fully dedicated to us. I was a bit late to the meetup as I was first trying to go to another location as per the maps on Facebook. I figured out that it was the wrong address. 

After me, a couple of people also came in late to the meeting saying they were also trying to go to a different location. It became a joke of the day and every time someone came in late we all laughed because we knew why it was. In the end it was worth the travels to Heavenly Cupcakes. 

We all approved the tasty cupcakes for the delicious fillings and the matching flavored icing on top! Herbal tea served with unlimited hot water was an unexpected bonus 😊

Coffee and Collab is a casual gathering in Rotterdam for women to get to know each other and share ideas

Time to Connect & Collaborate

While enjoying the delicious afternoon treats, we introduced ourselves. Even if you have heard the same introduction before, every time it rings another bell about how you can collaborate with that person in a different context this time. 

I enjoyed spending my afternoon with these lovely, encouraging group of business women. I felt inspired about how to combine your skill set with your personal background to get creative.

We even had some recommendations for workshop spaces and some workshop ideas. Some coupled together to host workshops on topics that are complementary with each other. We also shared and discussed how we get along in a country that some of us recently moved in to.

Thank you Heavenly Cupcakes for having the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam!

I truly appreciate the international business women eager to connect and collaborate in a new, unknown environment. If you want to join the next Coffee and Collab session, follow the event calendar via Facebook or the IWNG site and sign up!

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