First IWNG partner interview with Anushka Christian, the owner of Glamaty, a hair salon in Rotterdam.

Anushka Christian is from Sint Maarten and has been living in the Netherlands for three years now. Her mother is a hairdresser and she learned everything about hair from her. Anushka says “I practically grew up in the business.”

About Anushka and Glamaty

In 2017, Hurricane Irma affected its business in Sint Maarten. While unfortunate, it presented the perfect opportunity to move to Rotterdam in search for a different opportunity and to explore more.

Being in the Caribbean introduced Anushka to all kinds of people from different cultures and ethnicities with different textures of hair. This helped her tremendously in building her hair salon in Rotterdam. Anushka’s biggest selling point is that she has experience with different types of treatments. She started off working in the bridal division and later changed to working with all types of hair.

Anushka feels people find their hair styling and treating as a special luxury here compared to her home country where it is always looked as a primary need. In her experience, her customers are always looking for hairstylist according to their specific hair type.

Opening a business in the Netherlands was simple and straightforward as an ex-pat. Anushka said “We kind of cater to ex-pats: the lifestyle, the language…so in that regard, it’s quite beneficial if you are an ex-pat visiting our salon.”

Dealing with Pandemic

Glamaty is designed in a one-on-one concept, which fits perfectly when you are looking for hygiene and privacy in this post-covid era. Her customers see her salon like an escape from their hectic schedule and Anushka will always prefer to keep that consistent.

Treatments and offers

Anushka offers a wide range of hair treatments. The wow factor- all the products used in the hair treatment are also for sale at Glamaty. You can treat your hair at home – and she’ll show you how to do it! 

Anushka created a subscription-based online club “Best Hair Ever Club” where the members can ask and learn all about how to style, care and treat their hair. They mostly work with videos, the before and after treatments, texts and explanations and answering questions about hair on details. Plus, IWNG members receive 15% off on their membership.

Anushka has also started “The Lady’s Holiday Guide 2020” to help everyone learn about each other’s businesses and spread the word about their offerings. As people are more into supporting local, female business owners, this guide can help the local women entrepreneurs get to know others as well.

Glamaty’s limited Holiday offer is surely an exciting one – you can buy €100 and get €100!

You can choose the gift for yourself or a friend, or even choose to split the gift card among 5 of your friends or family, each getting €20 worth of hair treatment from Glamaty.

Looking for a Hair Salon in Rotterdam?

Anushka is eagerly waiting to start her salon in a new location which is more accessible and spacious. You can watch the full interview and visit Glamaty in Rotterdam to feel pampered and support a local, female-owned business.

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