A lot has happened since the start of this group. From a small Facebook community, we evolved into a big group of more than 300 active members who offer support and share information, with only one purpose: “To Grow”. Grow as a businesswoman and grow to be a better person. When mentioning the word “grow”, another word comes to mind quickly: “Change”. And believe me, some amazing changes will happen soon within the IWNG community!

IWNG Website

After organizing our first big event in January 2019, the first step we took was launching the IWNG website last March. We would like to shift our community towards the website where we will share valuable information and event announcements. The Facebook group as we know it will become less important in regards to sharing information and knowledge. All this information will go towards the ‘Library’ on our website.

IWNG Events

Behind the scenes, the IWNG team is working hard to create a (more) valuable place for international women to connect and support each other. Being connected online is more effective if you meet offline as well. We hope that with our events, you have the possibility to network and upgrade your professional skills too. Right now, we are busy creating the perfect closure before the summer starts, with an inspirational event to recharge and activate new goals.


Taking the next step

Nothing of the above could have been realized without a group of powerful women who invests their time and efforts to keep this community going. A part of these women you will find on the ‘Who we are page, but our invisible helpers (members of this community) are just as valuable to us, as we can’t do everything ourselves but we’d like to give credit to those who deserve it!

And that is why we have come to the point that it is time to grow and change from a Facebook group into an official Stichting so that all future activities are legal and we can set up a business bank account that will help fund our plans and pay costs.

IWNG Stichting 

The Stichting (Foundation) is one of the Dutch business legal entities that is mostly used for social, cultural or non-profit organizations. The main aim is to benefit the Stichting’s cause or purpose (Women Supporting Women), rather than turn a profit for the founders. As you can see, it’s a very different organization compared to a BV (Ltd) where everything is about profit. 

How it works

Setting up a Stichting, requires seeing a notary. The Stichting is officially established by notarial deed or will. During this meeting, it must be declared that you want to set up a Stichting, have the purpose of the organization recorded in the statutes and determine how to dissolve the Stichting and the destination of the money if the foundation is dissolved.

You can set up a Stichting alone or together with others. These others can be natural or legal persons. A Stichting, on average, has a board of minimal three people: a president, a secretary, and a treasurer.

The chairman is the first point of contact. She acts on behalf of the foundation. She is in charge of meetings and also manages the other board members. She has an overview of the foundation and has a coordinating function. The chairman also shows her face during official occasions.

The secretary has the task of writing documents on behalf of the foundation. She writes letters but also takes care of the correct handling of the letters received. She takes the minutes during meetings of the foundation.

The treasurer is a woman of numbers and figures. She manages the money of the Stichting. Not only does the treasurer keep the cash, but she’s also responsible for making the financial annual report. She must of course also keep the rest of the board informed of the financial situation.

More board members can be added for specific roles as (external) advisors.

The graph shows the number of associations and foundations in the Netherlands per quarter. The number of associations and foundations has been fairly stable in recent years.

The Future of IWNG

The future of IWNG seems challenging but bright. We are connecting with possible partners/sponsors and have many ideas in store and looking forward to making it a success! If you have any suggestions on making IWNG (more) great, please share it with us in the comments.

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