IWNG is known for being one of the more active networking groups in Rotterdam. Many people have asked me what’s the secret for IWNG? It might sound a little cheesy but the answer is our members! Most of our events have come from the ideas of our members and their willingness to take action and make the ideas a reality. 

First I had the idea for co-working, through this I met Yustine and Sterling who had ideas for lunches, dinners and workshops. We put our heads together with other members and it snowballed from there. Another great idea from one of our members, Vinnie Wee, was the monthly Coffee & Collab weekend get together. She offered to commit to 6 months of hosting and it was a great success!

Final Meeting

I had the honor of attending twice and really enjoyed myself both times. Last Saturday was Vinnie’s final time to host and the final Coffee & Collab for the year. 

This time there were seven of us and we met at the Chocolate Company Cafe. It is a cozy little cafe. We had half a long table reserved for us tucked away in the back. And thanks to our nifty bright pink table banner, it was easy to find everyone. The cafe offered a nice selection of coffee, tea and chocolate of all sorts..fondue, hot choco, small bites. They were nice enough to arrange a small plate of vegan chocolates for me to go with my tea. They also have some lunch and breakfast options. 

We ordered some drinks and proceeded to chat non-stop until it was time to go. Most of us knew each other from other events but we did have one person who was attending for the first time. She quickly learned that another lady joining us was from her home country, Romania, and another was their “neighbor” from the Ukraine. I think it’s always comforting to meet people from home especially if you are joining a new group. 

We all talked about our different careers, businesses, and startups. It was interesting to hear the different reasons why we ended up in Rotterdam (majority consensus: kind of by accident, but not mad about it) and what our plans were for the future. It was really nice to see familiar faces and also to make new connections. 

Shall we continue?

It was a little bittersweet since Vinnie is finished hosting, she has done such a lovely job! But don’t despair! Since there was such a good response, and we like to give our members what they want, I will be continuing the series starting in January 2020. I have some big shoes to fill, Vinnie isn’t just the hostess with the mostest, she’s also great with a camera! But I will do my best and I have no doubt I’ll have a lot of fun and meet some great people. Hope to see you in January! 

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Kristina Jackson
Founder of IWNG, South Side Vegan and South Side ESL. Kristina has a passion for entrepreneurship, making meaningful connections professionally and personally. She loves to learn new things and help others by sharing her knowledge and skills.

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