14/12/2019 - 16:00

Join international women living in Rotterdam for a holiday celebration!

Celebrate the holiday season with IWNG!

Networking Lunch, Coffee and Collab, and Networking Dinner are coming together for one final 2019 event.

Everyone will bring a dish to share, and we ask that participants sign up for a category:

Decor Unicorn: bring napkins, plates, cutlery, or cups
Food Angel: confirm what food each attendee is bringing so that we have a good variety
Game Avenger: organize activities for the event
Cleaning Genie: make sure everyone takes care of their rubbish and help clean up at the end
Sound Fairy: compile a playlist to play in the background

There will also be a gift exchange. Nothing too fancy – just a little something no more than €9-10 (and wrapped, please!).

Spots are limited – RSVP consciously and responsibly by 7 December!

Once you register for the event, category leaders will contact you:

Lead Unicorn: Sterling


Lead Angel: Yustine
Founding Partner IWNG Yustine Alvares

Lead Avenger and Hostess: Vinnie

Let’s eat and be merry!

Please note:

  • This registration is only a request. Your reservation will be approved by email.
  • If you attempt to book a seat and it says there are no more seats available, you need to choose a different role!

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Bookings no longer possible: no seats available anymore.