29/06/2020 - 17:00

HR intro event IWNG by Priya Arakkal

During this online meeting, Priya will share her experience regarding the struggles she came across when she start living in the Netherlands. She talks about the issues and insecurities we are all facing moving to a new country. Working now in HR, she knows her share of reinventing yourself, culture change, Dutch labor market, Dutch society, marketing yourself, CV, finding a good position and to close it all off you will definitely get some tips along the way.

There is time for questions after Priya’s session.

About Priya Arakkal

Priya has an MBA in Human Resources Development and loves to interact with people. She is a people’s person and it is this trait of hers that made her make a course correction in her career, from Masters in Biotechnology to Human Resources. And she has not for a minute regretted her decision. She started her work-career with Biocon Inc in India and then moved to Rotterdam in the year 2013 for her partner’s work, like most of us.

From then on, it has been a remarkable journey for her, from being a small fish in a pond to developing a familiarity in this ocean, finding her ways around Dutch culture. After a sabbatical of more than 4 years, she is now with BCS as their Global HR Business Partner and learning new things. She strongly feels that one should never give up irrespective of what is thrown at them and most importantly never consider yourself inferior to others. She loves to see people getting excited and determined about the deep skills that they are yet to explore and discover.


Registration fee is 5 Euro.