27/01/2021 - 12:30

– Meet IWNG members who are wellness experts.
– Learn practical and effective ways to stay healthy and balanced.
– Join the Q&A at the end!
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Kristina Founder of International Women’s Networking Group Rotterdam

Irene Founder of Expat Wellbeing

Irene is a Creative Arts Therapist and Wellbeing Consultant. She helps professionals and companies create sustainable success with their wellbeing and happiness first. Having overcome depression during her past life as a lonely engineer/academic expat, she now infuses creativity, body-mind interplay and mindful community values in all her work.

Self-Healing with Compassion The uncertainties of this day and age have opened doorways to deepen our self-awareness. And with it, some of us feel the necessity for deeper inner work. Irene shares about her tribe program for self-healers seeking a community of compassion to grow together.

Read more about her program: https://bit.ly/irenetribe

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/irenevanjava/

Facebook: http://facebook.com/expatwellbeing/


Darina Founder of Feng Shui Design

Darina is a Feng Shui professional & interior designer. She guides people in harmonizing their home & working environment to lead a happy and healthy life.


Darina will be speaking about the importance of Home right now. For most of us our homes became our place of work as well as our haven of rest. Making sure we feel safe, comfortable, inspired and still motivated in our homes is a priority and necessity for our mental health. She will share some valuable and practical guidelines for us. 

Read more on her website: www.feng-shui-design.nl/en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/darina-veen-3979134/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darinafengshuidesign

Siobhan Founder of Siobhan Milner: Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation
Siobhan is passionate about movement in all its forms, and believes exercise truly is medicine. As an exercise scientist with over a decade of experience working in both strength & conditioning and rehabilitation roles, she uses her expertise to help athletes improve their performance, and to help people from all walks of life prevent, manage, and recover from injuries.
Siobhan will be talking about why it’s so important to keep moving (even when gyms are closed!) and provide some practical tips for busy entrepreneurs to integrate movement into their schedules.
You can find Siobhan on Instagram @siobhan.milner, or visit her website, https://siobhan-milner.com/.

Anita Abaisa Founder of Black Ladies Talk


Anita is focused on improving the social-economic positions via L&D interventions. Her company offers learning and development solutions for the individual and businesses to upgrade.

Anita will be speaking about subjective well-being and entrepreneurship in times of covid.

You can find Anita at:

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/anita-abaisa-36b8473

Website: www.blackladiestalk.com

E-mail: info@blackladiestalk.com

Mel aka Dopamine Chef
Mel, aka Dopamine Chef, is a health & wellness coach specializing in weight management and gentle detoxing. She supports women to take back control of their eating by choosing foods that love them back.
Mel will be giving a chocolate making demo. A sweet coping mechanism used by some women entrepreneurs in these tough times – made healthy!

To learn more or book your free discovery call, go to https://dopaminechef.com/anti-diet-coach/.

Dopamine Chef also makes artisan vegan chocolates – guilt-free treats for health-conscious chocoholics. Shop the range at https://dopaminechef.com/shop/.