16/02/2021 - 12:00

Get to know IWNG partner and NLP Coach Irina Masalagiu!

Join us on our public Facebook page Live to hear Irina’s story on her journey to becoming an NLP coach in the Netherlands! She will share some of her upcoming offerings and there will be time at the end for questions. Don’t miss it!

About Irina

I am Irina and I am the mind behind MindAbouts.  A travel enthusiast, a dance lover, an animal cuddler, a hopeless optimist, and an expat.

Originally from Romania, for the past three years I am calling myself an expat in the Netherlands. I believed in the power of the mind and imagination ever since I was a child and in 2020 I have rediscovered the magic of this through neuro-linguistic programming.

I am now an ABNLP-certified NLP trainer and a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, coaching and hypnosis, ready to help others discover their personal power to thrive in any conditions.

Join us on our private Facbook page LIVE for this interview.

16 February 2021 | 13:00


Also Irina will be holding a workshop exclusively for IWNG members, find out more here: https://www.iwng.nl/events/effective-communicationnlp-workshop-with-mindabouts/