28/05/2020 - 12:00

Come join us and enjoy this special edition lead by Nil Duru Lavoipierre and hosted by me, Yustine Alvares.
She wants people to get attention for cooking with scraps and vegetable parts of which we do not know what to do with, like carrot greens.
Nil is going to show how to make carrot green pesto with just a few ingredients and gives tips to use carrot greens in your meals. She made it herself already and it is quite delicious and easy to put on bread. Secondly, she will cook couscous pasta salad that goes well with it.
The idea is that you can either watch Nil making the recipe OR cook along with her. What we would like, is for you to join her in making the recipes and afterwards, we can enjoy what we made (Yes, have lunch!) and talk about the flavors and such. Nil will share the shopping list here with you, once I have created this event.
There is also time to introduce yourself and see if you can collaborate, exchange ideas and experiences.
We will start at 12.00 noon and it will take max until 14.00 pm.
(Could be that we finish earlier around 1.30)
Looking forward to seeing you online!
Zoom link and password will be shared via email once you have registered.
Pls send me an email if you can’t make it, after all, so Nil and I know how many people to expect and act accordingly.

Bookings no longer allowed on this date.