05/05/2020 - 11:30

Jaimala IWNG

IWNG Experts on Zoom with Jaimala Wankhede

Jaimala is a fun-loving ambivert who loves travelling, exploring new places and living life to the fullest. She has an MSc in Consultancy and Entrepreneurship, an MBA in International Business and a Bachelors in Computer Engineering. Due to her passion for helping people, she got herself certified as a Life Coach. Professionally, she coaches people on stress management and currently, she’s working on setting up her business for Corporate Customer Experience Management.

About the Zoom Session

Happiness is all that matters
The motto of this session is to make you smile, bring in some sunshine that you can carry with you. With an interactive approach, I would like to explore what we can do in our day to day life to bring in that spark of happiness and to make our life a little less stressful.
The current time with the Corona Virus, Lockdowns, Homestays have been quite uncertain leading to anxiety, stress and an ocean of emotions. Let us discuss those anxieties, stresses and get it out of us.

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