03/03/2021 - 14:00

Join us for our second NLP workshop with Irina, founder of MindAbouts. 

During this second “friendly NLP” workshop we will look into communication patterns and different language tricks that can help in negotiation and generally with improving our communication. We often find ourselves in situations that call for negotiating skills, either when we sell our products or services, or when we plan our next holiday with our partner or deciding our children’s bedtime. 

What if you could have a structure to apply in each of these situations, so that your message can get across the way you intended and you can create a win-win outcome?

This workshop will cover:

-what it means to communicate effectively

-why and how to engage the senses in our message

-negotiation techniques and easy tricks to dealing with objections

Looking forward to seeing you there!


3 March 2020 | 14:00-15:30


€10 including VAT


This workshop will be held on Zoom. Once you have registered and paid you will be sent the login information.


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.