10/09/2019 - 19:15

Dutch Conversation Meet-ups


Following a course to learn Dutch is a great way to integrate more into Dutch society and eventually perhaps even find a job. Best you can do is, of course, follow a course to learn the language, but with everything,… it is important to keep practicing. And this part can be a little more difficult. You want to feel comfortable and safe.

This is where we come in.

IWNG in collaboration with Dark Blue International and Startdock Rotterdam, is organizing bi-weekly meetups where you can practice your Dutch speaking skills in a fun and comfortable way. No need to be shy, just come along and we help you to gain more confidence.

Yustine Alvares is a native Dutch speaker, so she can help you with pronunciations, sentence structures or just simple words. Feel free to ask any questions and together we will grow your confidence in speaking a new foreign language.

This meet-up is for beginners and medium advanced speakers. She will mix up levels when practicing in smaller groups, so we can all help each other.

Coffee and tea are included and we will bring a small bite too. Please feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks to share as well.

Our meet-ups take place on the first floor in The Living Room. DOORS OPEN AT 7PM! 

Book your ticket here for 5 Euro and reserve your seat by using the payment link after you have filled in the form. Door price is 7,50.


Looking forward to seeing you at one of the events!


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.