15/09/2020 - 16:00

Join us for the second month of Coffee and Collab Online! In the previous sessions members let us know what they are interested in learning about through IWNG and our members. One topic on a lot of people’s minds is “adjusting to new circumstances”. It used to be all about adjusting to a new country or new career, but these days it’s so much more. Now we are figuring out anything from creative ways to go with the flow in the changing economy to how to fit in the inner work needed to stay sane among the outer chaos. What have you been doing to cope? What has helped you thrive despite the challenges of 2020? What do you need help with? We’ll each get a chance to speak and receive feedback if requested.

Where: Google Meet

When: Sept 15th, 4-6pm

Who: All IWNG Members, 10ppl Max.

The meeting link can be found in our private Facebook group under ‘events’.