13/07/2019 - 14:30

Come hang out with us at Coffee & Collabs for a nice sip of coffee or tea to make connections, build lasting relationships, exchange business ideas, collaboration opportunities, and even referrals.

Some tips for striking up a good, casual conversation:

1. Avoid sales pitch at first meeting at all costs… We can all feel this one… Ha!

2. Ask questions to get to know the other eg. ask about their week, ask about their work, ask about their drives and inspirations, ask about their plans, ask what they are looking for etc.

3. Always seek to help others before asking for help yourself; what you put into this meetup will reflect in what you get out and more.

This meetup is free. Kindly buy a coffee/tea at the cafe to support them for allowing us to use the space for free.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

P.S. All venue suggestions for our future Coffee & Collabs are welcome.