For something a little different, I decided to organize a potluck in July instead of a dinner! I wanted the opportunity to enjoy the summer weather outside and share some of our favorite foods. That is, if the Dutch weather allows it!

Members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam enjoy a potluck at Kralingse Plas

About Kralingse Plas

I chose Kralingse Plas because it’s my favorite park in Rotterdam. Before my husband and I moved here, we came to find a place to live. We explored a few different neighborhoods, but we quickly decided that Kralingen would be best for us.

One afternoon we bought some snacks, cheese, bread, and beverages, and walked over to Kralingse Plas for a picnic. We’d seen the lake on Google maps, and thought it would be a nice spot to enjoy the unusually warm weather.

We had no idea what the park had to offer! We saw people paddle boarding, sailing, fishing, and grilling – all things we greatly enjoyed. And in addition to the water sports, there’s a beach, multiple cafes, and walking paths throughout the park.

All I could think about was how I wanted to spend my summers in this city.

Members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam brought a variety of food to the potluck

Rain or Shine

As the potluck approached, it seemed more and more certain that it would rain. Originally, I thought I would have to cancel it, but after chatting with a couple members, I decided just to postpone it to the day after.

Unfortunately this meant that some people couldn’t make it, but we still had a nice time getting to know each other! We had pasta salad, tabbouleh, potato salad, and lentil kofta – a delightful mix of food for a warm summer picnic.

Interested in coming to the next lunch or dinner? Check out our upcoming events!

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Sterling Schuyler
Sterling Schuyler moved to Rotterdam in June 2018 from Bavaria, Germany, but she is originally from the United States. As a result, she has restarted her career three times, and currently works as a freelance marketing consultant. Whether you want to know more about her professional development, have questions about her own struggles, or just want to grab a coffee, she’ll be happy to hear from you.

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