Kick-off Event 23 July 2019

“Wat is jouw favoriete muziek?” Wat is jouw meest waardevolle business tip?” Waar ben jij het meest gelukkig?” Just a few questions to break the ice during the Dutch Conversation Meetup from last event on the 23rd of July. 

As this was the first edition, we kicked off the evening with a small group of people who could speak and read Dutch, but just not on a comfortable level. I was surprised how well they already spoke the language! But as this meetup is for everyone, one IWNG member attended the meeting and she could only read but not speak Dutch yet, but by copying what we said, she picked up quite some new words that are fairly often used in the Dutch language.

The questions I made were supposed to be used as an introduction game where we could learn a bit more of the other attendees. However, everyone liked it so much, that we pretty much kept on going asking and answering all kinds of questions! 

It wás fun actually, because an answer was eventually further discussed by the group as their experiences on the topics were discussed as well. 

As my focus was to keep these meetings very casual, as it’s not a regular “class”, the location where the meetup was held was perfect! The original idea was to hold the meeting on the ground floor of StartDock Rotterdam where I booked a room, but since it was so hot that day and the airco didn’t work properly, I decided to have the meeting upstairs in “The Living Room”. 

Attendees enjoyed the evening from the couch or chair in a relaxed state of mind. (Some even brought some beers with them.) Well,.. they had to work hard sometimes to create the right sentence, but it was nice to hear everyone try and do their best. 

All the feedback I had was very positive, so I will certainly organize more meetups in the future. Next event is scheduled for the 6th of August! Don’t forget to bring your notebook to write down new words 🙂

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Yustine Alvares
Yustine Alvares was born in Indonesia and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she got her degree in Creative Communications. She has worked for more than 14 years in Europe, South America, and Indonesia. Creating successful creative marketing, communication, branding, and media strategies in combination with design whilst enjoying work is her motive. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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