Some IWNG members wanted to start some Do It Yourself activity sharing by members, and I volunteered to share about my Edible Gardening hobby and dream to live off my edible garden one day. I find a lot of joy with growing my own food, and I believe anyone can easily learn the skill. As a wellness educator and chef, it is fantastic that I get to grow my own organic produce on a community allotment. 

Shannon, Krati, and Madalina plant their seeds!

A Sunny Sunday in the Garden

We were lucky to have a sunny Sunday afternoon at my allotment garden, with 3 lovely members. Plenty of neighbourhoods in Rotterdam have a community garden by municipality (Gementee Rotterdam), operated by volunteers. And some gardens divided the land to be rented out to individuals at a very affordable price, just like mine.

Members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam (IWNG) visit a community garden

I shared practical tips and knowledge that I have gathered over the years of gardening. Even with limited balcony space, there are edibles that one can easily start in containers like herbs and salad leaves.

Just like when I first moved to the Netherlands, they had lots of questions about growing in a 4 season country: how to adapt to the Dutch weather, the different Dutch terminology to gardening supplies, and where to buy them.

Members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam help transplant seedlings in a community garden

Each of them propagated a few pots from seeds or cuttings to bring home, and they were excited to share with me when the seeds sprouted a few days later. They also transplanted some seedlings I have grown onto the ground. The same method could be used to transplanting into a bigger containers. 

Everyone planted different types of seeds to take home

Taking Your Garden Home

It was a fun afternoon of camaraderie in the nature. And I am happy to hear Krati says that gardening feels therapeutic. It is indeed for me. 

If anyone is interested to learn, I could easily organise this sharing session again. I look forward to learn other DIY sharing from other members. 

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Shannon Lim-de Rooy
Shannon Lim-de Rooy is a wellness educator, recipe developer, and bestseller cookbook author. A believer in using food as medicine, Shannon believes preparing healthy nourishing food can be easy and fun. Originally from Malaysia, Shannon’s specialty is in creating allergy-friendly fun Asian flavors. Shannon also organizes cooking workshops, pop-up dinners, and wellness retreats. When not in the kitchen or behind the computer, she will be enjoying life’s simple pleasures in her edible garden and nature.

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