Meeting people in a new, foreign city can be difficult. IWNG organizes regular meetups, including monthly dinners for international (and Dutch) women living in Rotterdam. We know that personal and professional connections are both vital for a well-balanced expat life, and we want to build a community of international women who help each other thrive.

I have to admit: right before any event I plan, I get really nervous. I’m afraid something will go terribly wrong with the reservation, that people won’t show up, that people will show up and there won’t be enough seats, that people will absolutely hate the event…

This event, in particular, was nerve-wracking because I had never planned a dinner for IWNG. I didn’t think so many women would want to come, and it didn’t occur to me to check with the restaurant to see if they could accommodate us!

But this dinner was just proof that our group is growing with driven, international women who are eager to meet each other. And with the spring weather upon us, can you blame us?

International women get to know each other at the IWNG Social Networking Dinner at Tandoor 16

About Tandoor 16

Just one month after the restaurant opened, word has clearly spread about the Indian fusion hot spot. With just 15 or so tables, I was thankful they accommodated our large party, to include our dietary restrictions and allergies.

For our large group, the restaurant requested we have the chef’s menu, which included 5 courses that sampled their dishes. What surprised us, however, was that it was a mix of shared and individual dishes!

While we’ve never done a family-style dinner for our meet ups, it was a nice experience to share a variety of dishes. The only downside was that, for nine rather hungry women, it was just barely enough! But after dessert, were comfortably satisfied – though we did enjoy some battered and fried onions as we continued to drink and chat afterwards.

All of the international women at the IWNG Social Networking Dinner at Tandoor 16 in Rotterdam

New and Familiar Faces

It was great to catch up with members who attended the previous dinner. It makes my heart warm to know that women enjoyed themselves so much that they want to come back!

I also love to see new faces and hear their stories about coming to Rotterdam. Sometimes they’re students who are only here for a few months, and sometimes they have recently moved for their Dutch lovers. And sometimes they’ve been here for years, and are making an effort to meet new people.

No matter what their reasons are for coming, everyone is always happy they came. Even as we’re leaving the restaurant just before 11pm, I see groups of 2 or 3 guests walking in the same direction, keeping their conversations alive as long as possible before they must go their separate ways.

We’re truly creating a community of international women, and I hope we see you at the next event! And if you like the work we do, consider donating so that we can become a Stichting!

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Sterling Schuyler
Sterling Schuyler moved to Rotterdam in June 2018 from Bavaria, Germany, but she is originally from the United States. As a result, she has restarted her career three times, and currently works as a freelance marketing consultant. Whether you want to know more about her professional development, have questions about her own struggles, or just want to grab a coffee, she’ll be happy to hear from you.

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