An introduction interview with the Group Manager from the Nutrition & Lifestyle group

Before Dina Karagić came to the Netherlands, 6 years ago, she worked at Lindt and Heineken where she was an executive assistant taking care of a diverse range of business processes and marketing. However, over time, she realized that it did not feel like she was living the life she was designed to live, and it did not make her feel the happiest. As a teen she was always interested in healthy foods and the unseen world. The spiritual side of life and body-mind connection intrigued her. Starting a new life in Rotterdam, was the perfect opportunity to turn that childhood passion into a new profession.

After getting married, giving birth to her son and struggling with postnatal depletion, she took the leap and graduated as a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach. The studies were online, which was a perfect fit to learn and raise a young family. Strengthening her knowledge, practice and understanding of the underlying issues that cause many health problems, including her own postnatal depletion. Dina became a member of IWNG in January 2020 and at the same time set up her own practice TERRA Nutrition & Wellness

Dina is now ongoing her further education to become a certified Nutritional Therapist. In the meantime, she coaches women how to live a holistically healthy life emphasizing on nutrition through their diet and through lifestyle interventions promoting optimal health and well-being. 

In the meantime, Covid-19 happened. Luckily, she could still work, and clients were actually more relaxed having her at their own home, instead of having to meet in public. Also providing online consultations made it more convenient for her international clients.

What Dina does is called Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching. For most women and clients their health goal is to lose weight. Others want to increase their energy, improve sleep or want to ensure they are provided with the best nutrition during pregnancy and then be able to lose their “baby weight” while breastfeeding. She also wants to spread the word about postnatal depletion and how to prevent it. She strongly believes that prevention is better that treating a “dis-ease” and combining nature’s universal wisdom with evidence-based nutritional science as the greatest tool to maintaining a lifelong of good health and longevity.  

Dina also works together with other therapists when clients need extra support in other areas, that may help their treatment become more successful as it contributes to achieving their health goal, for example food sensitivity testing, meditation or yoga. 

“Food to me is sacred. Food is life. It is a profoundly dense source of information, which is something that I think is overlooked in the era of diets, food trends and fast foods. When you understand what food really is, what information it carries and what your relationship with it is, then you can effortlessly master all the rest aspects of your life leading a balanced and happy lifestyle. That is my wish to you.” – Dina Karagić

Learn more about Nutrition, Lifestyle, Health or Body-Mind Connection, in the Nutrition & Lifestyle Group, and come share your own knowledge and join the discussions!

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