In these groups, you will receive in-depth information and can discuss it with other members who are interested in the same topic.

As a member, you can join different groups if you would like to know/learn more about the topic or if you are skilled on this topic, willing to share your knowledge and help out other members.

Why Join

To discover the path of your fulfillment.

It could be to learn new things, venture out of your comfort zone, progress in your current profession, challenge one another with a strong goal, and help each other to accomplish it, etc.

The main idea is sharing knowledge and support your fellow members.

How to Join

If you already have a membership, you can request to join any of the groups below! If you are not currently enrolled in our memberships, you can still join any of the open groups, but you will not have access to all of the content.

Get resources and tips on how to excel in your industry!
Want to help end systemic racism? Not sure how? Don't want to do it alone? The Anti-Racist Action Pack is here for you! We will provide learning resou...
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Every session of the accountability group is a small pack of five women who hold each other accountable for their progress, which can be related to pe...
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These are the members of the SEO copywriting group who contribute content to our website. If you're interested in joining, contact Sterling Schuyler (...
This is a group for IWNG members who are serious about food! Do you have dreams of being an entrepreneur in the food industry? Do you already have a b...

If you would like to become a group manager of a topic of your interest, contact Priya Arrakal to discuss possibilities.