On November 23, 2019 we had our first edition of Create & Collaborate. Create & Collaborate is for members to get together and work on their own creative projects, share finished projects or teach creative skills. For this session I offered to teach some basic stitches and the opportunity to use my yarn and needles to try out crocheting. Several people expressed interest but in the end there were just the three of us, Heleniq, Silke and me. We met in my cozy living room on the south side of Rotterdam. I prepared with some fresh flowers and yummy vegan snacks. I made sure Rosie, my pup, had a puzzle toy to keep her busy so she wouldn’t bombard my guests and try to steal their snacks. 

Silke arrived first and we had some tea and chatted for a bit. This was Silke’s first meeting with IWNG and I was very impressed that she found us without being on Facebook. She has only been in Rotterdam for a short while and like the rest of us, she is eager to connect with other ladies in the area. Silke is from Germany but has lived in the UK with her family for quite some time. She is a teacher but also interested in entrepreneurship. It was fun to hear her idea about possibly turning her boat into a B&B and discussing the possibilities that Rotterdam can offer. 

By this time Heleniq has joined us and we are all enjoying snacks. Heleniq is from Cyprus and was preparing for her first conference/expo in Rotterdam, Women of Truth. I’ve met Heleniq many times but this was the first opportunity we’ve had to really enjoy each other’s company in a relaxing and casual environment. It was great to get to know her a little bit better, while also making a new friend. 

After a bit we shifted over to the couches and pulled out the yarn. To my pleasant surprise, both Silke and Heleniq had their own projects they’ve been working on. Silke is quite talented and knits the most adorable and cozy slippers. She brought a finished pair to show us and if they were my size I would’ve bought them on the spot! Heleniq, like me, is still perfecting her technique and worked on finishing up a scarf. I practiced stitching chains, trying to keep the tension and length even, in hopes that my next project will look a bit more refined. Rosie even joined in being oh so helpful rolling Heleniq’s yarn around on the floor. 

“Just here to help, guys!”-Rosie, co-host

After awhile it was time to go, although I suspect we could’ve talked and crafted for hours! It had been a long time since I had picked up my yarn so this was a really nice reminder of how fun it can be! Stay tuned for the next Create & Collaborate, or if you don’t want to wait, contact me to host your own! kristina@iwng.nl

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Kristina Jackson
Founder of IWNG, South Side Vegan and South Side ESL. Kristina has a passion for entrepreneurship, making meaningful connections professionally and personally. She loves to learn new things and help others by sharing her knowledge and skills.

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