It has been a trying time for many during this pandemic. Fortunately some of us have been able to turn a negative situation into something positive and some of us have found new ways to cope. In our most recent Coffee and Collab this is what we discussed. I hope you can find some inspiration in what our members have to say. 

Our Stories

At this session we happened to have many ladies that are in the wellness/health industry. Kly, a nutritionist and coach, focuses on healthy weight loss and stress reduction. I know a lot of people are looking for ways to reduce stress especially now! Kly is working on making videos for her clients and would like to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, are you interested?

Mel, otherwise known as the Dopamine Chef, is a nutritionist and coach as well. She focuses on intuitive eating, without subscribing to fad diets or restrictive practices. Due to covid, like many of us, Mel has seen a decrease in work, but she didn’t let that stop her! Mel is using one of her skills, vegan chocolate making, to open a new webshop! Eating healthy is important but it’s also important to treat Mel says she can help you find foods that you love “and that will love you back!” 

Darina is a Feng Shui design consultant! I found it really interesting that her business has actually increased due to covid. With more people staying home they want to have a nice, comfortable and safe space. Darina can help them with that! She is currently offering her first online workshops and she already has several people signed up! It was nice to celebrate the success of her new online venture!

Laurie is a coactive coach. She helps people recognize patterns that don’t serve them and to acknowledge the patterns that do serve them. Laurie also has a passion for promoting other small businesses, so reach out to her if you’d like some extra promotion! Laurie shared with us the success of her first online retreat selling out!! Don’t worry there will be more! We are very happy to see her thriving online!

For some covid was a chance to take a break but that wasn’t the case for Julie. She was working a high stress corporate job and raising a young child. She decided for her own wellbeing to resign from the corporate job and reinvent herself, like many of us have done! Julie is focusing on sustainability and personal wellbeing. Although she acknowledges covid, at first, seemed like a hard kick to her life, she thinks now it is kicking her in the right direction to do what she is really passionate about. She recommended the book “Miracle Morning” to help you cope with overwhelm. Julie is interested in learning about herbalism and could use some help building a website. Reach out if you can help!

Irina says she came to the Netherlands jobless and feeling lost. She expressed her appreciation for the warmth and feminine energy she has experienced within IWNG. Now Irina has a job but she is also working on her own coaching business. She is now qualified to give NLP coaching and training. For Irina making her FB page was the way to get jump started. She says she had to stop worrying about if everything was perfect and just put herself out there. Sounds like great advice! Irina gave a good tip on help with websites, she had a good experience with Thanks for the tip Irina!

Gulce also joined us and told us about her program to help young architects to find work that is fulfilling, instead of settling for unhealthy and unrewarding work just to build up experience. She made a great connection with Laurie who is involved in a program for young architects that may appreciate Gulce’s services, it sounded like a great match! Gulce also has a Youtube channel Making it in Holland where she gives useful and oftentimes humorous information on how to survive as an expat in Holland. 

Dina is a nutritionist with a focus on combating postnatal depletion. Dina expressed what a lot of us are feeling, missing human contact and struggling with the constant changes and uncertainty which makes it difficult to plan ahead. She has been coping with that by staying present and focusing more on nature. Dina is the leader of our dedicated member group “Nutrition and Lifestyle” She held an online meetup for this on October 24th where she discussed foods that help boost your immunity.

And last but not least, myself! This pandemic has had some ups and downs for me. I was on the brink of burnout when it hit so the decrease in work was actually good for me. After a while though I had to get back in the game and figure out a new form of income. I am working on a project to help women become plant powered but my major focus is to expand and grow IWNG. I want to offer more value while also sustaining myself financially. This group has carried me through so many tough times and I’m looking forward to seeing how it can grow, so that I can do even more to help my fellow female entrepreneurs thrive. 

For me, what is getting me through covid is taking time for just myself every morning, scheduling out my week in a very detailed manner so I can stay focused, and reaching out to others for social time and emotional support, even if it has to be online. Having a supportive group of women always willing to give encouraging words or nuggets of wisdom has been a lifesaver for me. 

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How are you coping during covid? Has it been a challenge or a kick start for you? Let us know in the comments. Has IWNG helped you to thrive before or during the pandemic? Let us know about it, your feedback is very valuable and appreciated!

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