Anouk Schrauwen and The Stimular Foundation

IWNG Sustainable Businesses in Rotterdam series continues with an interview on The Stimular Foundation.  During my search for sustainable businesses ...
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Laura Salm: Information for new arrivals in the Netherlands

Information for New Arrivals in the Netherlands

IWNG’s mission to help you live your best expat life continues. IWNG Founding Partner Sterling Schuyler was joined by ...
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IWNG Partner Interview: Irina Masalagiu founder of MindAbouts

Irina Masalagiu is the mind behind MindAbouts. She’s a travel enthusiast, a dance lover, an animal cuddler, a hopeless optimist, ...
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IWNG Partner Interview: Gulce Onganer founder of YouTube Jumpstart

In this interview, we meet IWNG partner and founder of Architect Accelerate and Jumpstart YouTube, Gulce Onganer. Gulce joined fellow ...
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Wellness in the Time of Corona: An IWNG Roundtable Talk

Every month, IWNG is hosting a roundtable discussion with partners about various topics to help our members learn about life ...
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Top 5 Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Podcasting is becoming one of the most popular digital entertainment mediums out there. But they can also be valuable tools ...
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Interview with SavFood

IWNG Sustainable Businesses in Rotterdam series is continuing with an interview about SavFood. One of the buzzwords when it comes ...
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Rotterdam & Sustainable Living

Sustainable companies in Rotterdam

After decades of over-exploiting our resources we are more concerned about sustainability lately. Reality is that even though we do ...
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Interview with Anushka Christian, the owner of Glamaty, a Hair Salon in Rotterdam

First IWNG partner interview with Anushka Christian, the owner of Glamaty, a hair salon in Rotterdam. Anushka Christian is from ...
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Rotterdam Expat Centre Welcome Event

The Rotterdam Expat Centre is the first stop for anyone looking to smooth the transition from prospective expat to Rotterdam ...
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Coffee and Collab: Coping with COVID

It has been a trying time for many during this pandemic. Fortunately some of us have been able to turn ...
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Kitchen Collab: The IWNG Horeca Group – Concept and First Meeting

Starting with the paid memberships for IWNG in August, several special interest groups were formed, including the inevitable one - ...
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How to Learn Dutch

A language is a magical tool enabling communication and shaping our lives. Yet, language can be a barrier to our ...
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Join women in Rotterdam to create an inclusive space for all

Anti-Racism Action Pack Introduction

We've all seen the Black Lives Matter protests calling for change the past few months. Some of us are already ...
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Nutrition and Lifestyle Group Introduction

Welcome everyone! The Nutrition & Lifestyle Group was born out of passion and necessity, especially nowadays where we live in ...
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Global Seasons caters and hosts picnics throughout Rotterdam, Netherlands

Global Seasons: A Picnic to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

It was a delight to finally be outside and socialize! While we had beautiful weather in the Netherlands for most ...
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IWNG founder Sterling wants to help you achieve your goals!

Sterling Wants to Help You Thrive with an Accountability Group

I want to help you make things happen, and from what I gather, our members want help with this. So ...
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Group Manager IWNG Dina

Turning a childhood passion into a new profession

An introduction interview with the Group Manager from the Nutrition & Lifestyle group Before Dina Karagić came to the Netherlands, ...
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Learn how to build a business plan for your KvK application!

A Business Plan Template

When I registered with the Kamer van Koophandel (Dutch Chamber of Commerce) in 2018, I needed to give them a ...
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IWNG Experts

IWNG Experts on Zoom

As the pandemic kicked in, the IWNG team promptly shifted gear to the Online world and kick-started the first Edition ...
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Woman doctor with stethoscoop putting on gloves

Women’s Healthcare in the Netherlands

There are many advantages to living in the Netherlands, but one to consider is its approach to women's healthcare. The ...
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What is Intersectional Feminism?

Intersectional Feminism attempts to break down how gender, race, class, sexuality and ability might combine (intersect) to create distinct types ...
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Have a warm heart IWNG Experts on Zoom

IWNG Experts on Zoom – Ida Rutten

Have a Cool Head & Warm Heart Today we kicked off with our first edition of “IWNG Experts on Zoom”, ...
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This step-by-step SEO copywriting guide will help you stand out and get your articles ranked!

SEO Copywriting: How To Create Articles That Rank

Nowadays, it’s just not enough to write well. You have to write in a way so that search engines can ...
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Home Sweet Home - The only place to relax and be yourself.

Things To Do At Home

Our life has paused in the current crisis going around. Staying home for an unknown amount of time can take ...
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IWNG Monthly lunch via Zoom

Being social during social-distancing

As we are all asked by the government to stay at home as much as possible because of the Corona ...
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Turkish Expat in The Netherlands

Advice From a Turkish Expat in the Netherlands

This was not the first time. I had lived for 2 years in Denmark as an expat about 5 years ...
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The top view of the Rotterdam Central Station

Things To Do With Visitors in Rotterdam

The Netherlands has so much to offer to visitors beyond Amsterdam. The unique architectural buildings and the largest seaport in ...
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Dinner at Viva Afrika: A Much Needed Social Occasion in the Final Stretch of Winter

At the end of February, everyone is itching to leave their homes and venture out. And it seemed that dinner ...
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8 Things I’ve Learned as a Romanian Expat Living in the Netherlands

I wanted to live abroad since my first holiday with my parents outside Romania, when I was 7 years old ...
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Be open-minded and ready to learn when you move to the Netherlands! Photo by Katarzyna Dutkowska on Unsplash

An American Moves to the Netherlands

So….I’ve only just arrived in the Netherlands. But I am not new to moving. This is my sixth country in ...
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Want to move to the Netherlands? We have some tips for you at! Photo by Ian on Unsplash

Learning a New Language and Finding a Job As a Venezuelan in the Netherlands

I am originally from Venezuela. I left my land a long time ago when I pursued my bachelor in Communication ...
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Coffee and Collab at Heavenly Cupcakes: Meeting and connecting with international business women in a cozy atmosphere

It was a grey and rainy day, on which one might want to stay at home or go to the ...
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Parts of living in the Netherlands.

A Bangladeshi Living in the Netherlands

“ You are going to live in a country where everything is legal! ” That is what my friends excitedly ...
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Rise & Lead

The Rise & Lead Connect2Grow Event

Ways To Build Social Impact Into Your Career" Written by Mel Bertaud I was lucky enough to score a ...
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‘rounDtable by Ivana Prokic

On the 26th of January IWNG Member, Ivana Prokic held her pilot event of the ‘rounDtable workshop. A 4-hour cooking ...
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Floor van der Pavert

IWNG visits SuperBra

Are you unsure if you wear the right fitted bra size? Looking for good advice? I was in the same ...
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IWNG Lunch edition 12

IWNG x WBII – Monthly lunch

It’s been a week since we had a wonderful girl power meet up. Last Thursday, the 30th of January IWNG ...
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The International Women's Networking Group has dinner at Tai Wu Rotterdam!

Dinner at Tai Wu: The First Rotterdam Women’s Networking Dinner of 2020

With the Lunar New Year approaching, Chinese food seemed like an appropriate choice for the first International Women’s Networking Group ...
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Startup Funding Event hosted an evening for Women in Tech and Innovation to pitch their ideas in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Female Founders Take The Stage At Startup Funding Event

30 is a trending number for women. In late 2019, the Dutch government passed a quota that requires at least ...
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Create&Collaborate: 1st Edition

On November 23, 2019 we had our first edition of Create & Collaborate. Create & Collaborate is for members to ...
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Final Coffee and Collab..or is it?

Beginnings IWNG is known for being one of the more active networking groups in Rotterdam. Many people have asked me ...
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Storytelling and Social Media: An Afternoon of Marketing Workshops

No matter what your profession or your industry is, marketing yourself is essential for growth. On 18 October, 2019, International ...
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IWNG Healing art massage

When the universe is listening

Written by Teuta Metra Writers have a lonely job, or at least I’m the one who believes that. Your friends ...
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Am I a follower?

They Call Me A Follower

They Call Me A Follower: a reflection on what it means to be a spouse (and my own person) in ...
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Rotterdam Business Breakfast

Our lives in tiles

Visiting the launch of Rotterdam Business Breakfast From left to right:
Jeniffer Nunez & Lara Wilkens from Business Breakfast and
Ediri ...
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Rotterdam Spouse Initiative

Rotterdam Spouse Initiative

IWNG is proud to be part of a new concept that has run some pilot editions starting last March at ...
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IWNG Monthly lunch August 2019

Report: IWNG Monthly Lunch edition 9

As the end of the summer holiday was approaching on all of us, it was nice to have lunch one ...
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Dim sum at

Report: IWNG Monthly Lunch edition 8

It was hot. Very hot! We had many cancelations, but still, we had a nice lunch at Noo.Me with some ...
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Dutch Conversation Meet Ups

Dutch Conversation Meet Up

Kick-off Event 23 July 2019 “Wat is jouw favoriete muziek?” Wat is jouw meest waardevolle business tip?” Waar ben jij ...
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Members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam brought a variety of food to the potluck

Enjoying the Summer in Rotterdam: A Potluck at Kralingse Plas

For something a little different, I decided to organize a potluck in July instead of a dinner! I wanted the ...
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the 7th edition of the IWNG Monthly Lunches

Report: IWNG’s Monthly Networking Lunch – edition 7

Last Thursday, the 27th of June, we held our 7th edition of the Monthly Lunches. This time I picked the ...
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Members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam introduce themselves at the Edible Gardening event

DIY Series: Edible Gardening on 16 June 2019

Some IWNG members wanted to start some Do It Yourself activity sharing by members, and I volunteered to share about ...
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Golden Milk latte and Green Tea latte with mint at Coffeelicious

Report: Coffee and Collab at Coffeelicious

Living in creation is effortless and possible, and that's one of the intentions why I host Coffee and Collab (CC) ...
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Coworking event with IWNG at Backyard Rotterdam

Report: Coworking with International Women’s Networking Group

On the Friday, 24 May, a few members of the International Women's Networking Group gathered at "Backyard Rotterdam," a vegan ...
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the International Women's Networking Group has an offline networking dinner at Alfredo's Taqueria in Rotterdam

Dinner at Alfredo’s Taqueria: Enjoying Tacos with Women in Rotterdam

On 17 May, members of the International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam gathered at Alfredo's Taqueria to celebrate the end of ...
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Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

Female Intuition: A Birthright from Our Mothers, a Gift from Other Women

“Your relationships with todas las madres, the many mothers, will most likely be ongoing ones, for the need for guidance ...
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Workshop wordpress by Yustine Alvares

Building your dream website with WordPress

Saturday the 4th of May, I conducted a WordPress Workshop for beginners. A small group of brave female entrepreneurs took ...
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IWNG member Terya organized a BBQ to celebrate the first beautiful Spring weekend in Rotterdam

Spontaneous Sunday BBQ meet-up

It was Wednesday 17 April and the weather report for the weekend could only be summarized in three letters: B ...
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Madame Rotterdam introduces Eldridge Labinjo at Venture Cafe's Reinvent Yourself program

Report: Effective Offline Networking Workshop at Venture Cafe Rotterdam

On 18 April, International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam joined forces with Venture Cafe, Rotterdam Partners, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus, and Madame Rotterdam to ...
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From Facebook Group to Stichting

A lot has happened since the start of this group. From a small Facebook community, we evolved into a big ...
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Coworking With IWNG

IWNG Coworking began with a few strangers meeting at a cafe in central Rotterdam. It started off with no real ...
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All of the international women at the IWNG Social Networking Dinner at Tandoor 16 in Rotterdam

Dinner at Tandoor 16: International Women Meet for a Shared Dining Experience

Meeting people in a new, foreign city can be difficult. IWNG organizes regular meetups, including monthly dinners for international (and ...
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Report: IWNG’s Monthly Networking Lunch – edition 6

28 March 2019 - Greek restaurants are always one of my favorite places to eat (yes, I love the ouzo ...
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The IWNG Business Networking Dinner at Dunya Lokanta

Report: A Mastermind Networking Dinner at Dunya Lokanta

On 21 March, 2019, members of the International Women's Networking Group came together not just to socialize, but also for ...
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An American in Rotterdam: How I Got My Visa - IWNG

An American in Rotterdam: How I Got My DAFT Visa

I have a visa under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT), which means I am allowed to live and work ...
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Talent Night

Report: Expat Spouse Mingling during Talent Night at Venture Café

Our reasons for living abroad or choosing Rotterdam as the city we live in might differ, but we probably have ...
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Report: Social Media Madness Event – 10 March 2019

Stepping into the spotlight is something that has become an increasingly important part of doing business today. If nobody knows ...
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The revitalisation of Feminine Power is happening

Something really big is happening for women, our world is changing. You may be able to sense it, feel it, ...
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Business, Bubbles, and Bites: An Evening of Meaningful Networking

After just a year since its creation on Facebook, the International Women's Networking Group hosted its first networking-focused event in ...
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International Women's Networking Group Rotterdam event 2019

Why I Created IWNG

Throughout my childhood, being a US air force military brat, I moved every few years. I found it difficult to ...
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